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New Member
Hi everyone. I'm a Film Marketing professional with over 15 years experience in Promotions, PR, Digital Marketing strategies, and Events. I'm looking for job opportunities within the arts in Lond...
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New Member
Greetings, I'm a strategic planner, researcher, and fund development executive. I have worked for various academic institutions and local non-profits. My hope is to gain an international platfor...
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New Member
My Dears, I'm a Compliance and Fraud Manager with more than 10 years Compliance/AML experience all over Europe. I'm looking for new challenges in innovative financial inclusion products/projects ab...
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New Member
Hey everyone, im a manager at a lodge which is going no where quickly. I only have a couple months experience but the one good thing about working at this lodge is that it has made me realise how m...
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New Member
i am the co-founder of BankToTheFuture.com and am looking for new team members to join our CrowdInesting company that won support from Sir Richard Branson
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New Member
Graphic & Product Design Video Production
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New Member
Hi!!! I'm an Australian from Sydney who has been living and working in London, UK for the last 5 years. I am a Media Communications Planner who previously was a Graphic Designer. I am trying to get...
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New Member
I'm a marketing software business owner turned founder of the Madhattan Run, an ultramarathon around the island of Manhattan. Looking for similar minded member to help me take this unique concept g...
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New Member
Italian, born in 1971, craftsman soul. I am passionate about art and crafts ever since. Curious by nature, I love to read, study, learn. In life I run a company for 20 years. I'm looking for new...
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New Member
hey, i'm ale. 19 and vegetarian likes animals, ecology, fashion, food and art looking for an environmental adventure, helping animals or people somewhere!
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New Member
Design Art Culture Dance Milwaukee Advertising. Incapable of doing math in my head. Curse of the right brain.
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New Member
HI, j am a simple woman, tired of living in a country where those who have been to ruin governed and those who govern stolen and destroys the hopes of a future civil.
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