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New Member
I've completed B.Tech(computers), MBA(Marketing). I'm a Social Media Marketer with 2yrs of experience. Looking for interesting opportunities in Singapore. Love to work with start ups
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New Member
Hello - I have a finance background and am working on my own tech propositions - I am looking for meaningful full or parttime paid opportunities in sophisticated startup-type environments or a corp...
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New Member
"Development Designer" Thinking Big, seeing as a whole, ideating, then improve; Anything as far as deals with human interactions. Could be for platforms, projects, teamworks, organisations, etc. ...
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New Member
Hello, I am inbound logistics specialist in Daimler-Kamaz JV. I am looking for the opportunities to start business on side, share my strengths and interests.
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New Member
I'm a second time entrepreneur, Spanish speaking gringo, with a Business degree. I'm looking for opportunities in Agriculture and/or International Trade. I had my own business during college, ...
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New Member
Hey! I'm currently a master student at Hult International Business School, 24. I'm looking for someone to start a new business with, around the world, sharing passion and ideas!
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New Member
Hi everyone. I'm an expert on marketing communications. I have worked in every process of marketing. At the time being, my main responsibility is management of Communications&PR. As a gift for myse...
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New Member
Recently returned from living and working ifn Vietnam. Also set up a Meetup to help others wanting to take a career break and am always interested in great ideas. If a career break interests you, c...
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New Member
I have just joined a well respected insight and innovation brand consultancy as a graduate researcher. I studied English Literature as my BA and Cultural and Creative Industries for my MA, as well ...
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New Member
Hi. I am a Banker with 11 years private banking, portfolio management and accounting experience, including international work experience. I am looking for an exciting new opportunity abroad in a bu...
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New Member
I'm an Investment Banker with 5 years front line experience in Fixed Income and Derivatives with both, Financial Institutions and Corporate Clients in Germany and Austria. I'm looking for opportuni...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm an Emerging Markets Investment Banker with 12 years experience, working at a top tier 1 institution in London. Am looking to venture into Technology or Internet start-ups in London...
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