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New Member
I am currently Director of Strategic Planning & Implementation based in Vietnam having been a HR Business Partner and Senior Project Manager. This all followed a 10 yr career in elite sports. I am ...
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New Member
Canadian freelance journalist looking to creatively document social injustices, humanitarian news, and off-the-beaten-path aspects of minority groups and cultures. Would love to collaborate with hu...
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New Member
Hello fellow esc'ers, I am a recent graduate in undergraduate Biology and looking for a job in a laboratory or environmental setting. I would hope to be able to do more field work and eventuall...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I recently graduated from the OSU Fisher College of Business. I currently am pursuing my dream of working in the ski industry and building a successful career. However, I'm starting to...
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New Member
Hi, I'm a Technical Lead in the Mobile Industry with 5 years experience. Im looking for a job opportunities around the world to do in the mobile industry or in volunteer work to help other people.
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New Member
My name is Amanda, and I'm a traveler, writer, editor, and social media expert from America hoping to make the big move to London within the next year. I'm looking for a job that will help my UK dr...
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New Member
Hello! I am a young man who is passionate in helping to make the world a better place. I am currently setting myself to take adventure of how information technology and education can help to foste...
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New Member
Allô, who I am? A life searcher, looking for a new steps and with development experience. Nowadays I'm working in a Microfinance Company in Latam since 2008, but with new ideas too.
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New Member
I have a degree in Professional Writing which I'm just dying to use. My dream is to have a career in the publishing industry. I just love working with writers and I have a real talent for helping g...
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New Member
Hello! I live in Argentina. I am Biologist (PhD) and also I have finished my career as a teacher. I am looking for a job in a NGO related with environment an education. I love photography.
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New Member
Hello, I'm a Digital Anthropology student passionate about sustainable behavior and lifestyle, hoping to reach it before its too late!
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New Member
Karen Van de Castle Opportunity to bring my financial background and years of experience to an entrepreneurial team in New Jersey or Manhattan.
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