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I am from Monterrey, Mexico. Right now I run a family business with more than 70 employees. I would like to have professional experience in the U.S. in other to, in the future, expand this business...
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New Member
I have developed an entirely new approach to finding work that I have been testing virtually for the past eight years. The great news is that I have just been given office space in Elephant &...
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New Member
I am a digital media, community management & knowledge management ninja (aka consultant)! Let's start something!
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Person who struck in the city.
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Viktoras Jucikas
Executive Director at Goldman Sachs To Mobile Commerce Startup YPlan

Leaving behind six years of designing exotic derivative risk management tools & fighting broken dividend curves, to partner...

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Viktoras Jucikas
New Member
Hi, I've just graduated from Nottingham University with a 2.1 in BA(Hons) Modern Language Studies (French, Spanish & Portuguese). I've worked in several countries including Brazil, France, Spain an...
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New Member
I am a motivated, driven and responsible young professional currently seeking for an exciting opportunity to work in marketing role. I am a motivated, driven and responsible young professional curr...
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New Member
Hi! I am an Integrated Marketing Communications professional with experience in overseeing marketing strategies and sponsorship development in entertainment, non- profits and B2B. I'm looking for ...
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New Member
Brazilian designer living in Paris, passionate of visual arts, food, culture and travel. I'm looking for partners in Paris who would love to make a living out of making beautiful things.
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New Member
Hi, I'm a past entrepreneur, now employed working between London and Newcastle contracted to a huge corporate running their entrepreneurial CSR programme (for the last 6 years). Looking for new opp...
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New Member
Hello everybody. I am currently an intern with The Foundation Consulting but I have over two years experience in a range of industries including steel, mobile and online marketing. I am looking ...
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