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New Member
Social impact analyst @bigsocietycap. Big believer in the new social economy, great journalism + the simultaneous power and madness of crowds.
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New Member
I'm a retired sales/marketing exec that has traveled extensively (62 countries & counting), lived & worked overseas (Asia), and did volunteer work in South Africa for Rotary. I live a very comforta...
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New Member
Management consultant with 12 years healthcare strategy and policy development experience. Still no idea what I want to do when I grow up.
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New Member
Hiya, I am a graduate in interior design. I seek experience in industry.
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New Member
Career to date in Retail Payments software industry. After having achieved a lot I am now in a period of mid-life career reassessment about where to go next. Looking to joining forces with other i...
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New Member
I am a Cambridge graduate in Modern Languages with a Masters in Broadcast Journalism. I worked for the BBC for three years as a self-shooting video journalist and Assistnat Producer and have jus...
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New Member
I started/sold/acquired/sold @greenoptions, started @importantmedia, now starting openfire: crowdfunding the intersection of technology&dogoodery. wearethe100%!
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New Member
I'm a recently returned Peace Corps volunteer, & I can't take living in a land-locked city anymore. I have skills in gender empowerment, communications/journalism & sports management. If I could fi...
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New Member
Hey everyone, I'm currently doing my master studies at International Information Management. Before this I was 2 years Project Manager at a german retailer. I am really interested in the Start-Up i...
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New Member
My name is Scott Handelsman and ive worked as a high revenue broker on Wall Street for 12 years. I am looking for opportunities away from Wall Street in the Manhattan/ Northern New Jersey area. I w...
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New Member
My name is Scott Dicker. I am looking for new opportunities far, far away from a corporate position. I have teaching, sales and project management experience.
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New Member
Hi, I am Head of Marketing and used to work as Assistant of the CEO. After 4 years it's time to create my own or may be our business. The Drink I already developed is a revolution in the sector. Co...
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