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I have a combination of rigorous commercial and sales expert ease coupled with creative flair. The problem was 14 years within Investment Banking, the creative side hasn't been used as much as I wa...
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How to get a job in business without a business degree and experience?
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Hi All, I have over 5 years publishing experience and work on Thought Leadership marketing campaigns for a major media brand. I am not only interested by this community of like-minded individuals b...
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Hi all, I obtained a BEng in Automotive Engineering in 2011 I'm currently a Masters student studying for an MSc in Materials Engineering. I spend quite a bit of my time daydreaming about adventure ...
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Hello, I am interested in starting a technology/business consultancy
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Hello! I am a recent graduate from an MSc in Cognitive & Decision Science from UCL. My academic background and work experience have made me, I dare say, specialized in behaviour, and it is this w...
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I am a technical strategist specialising in social networking and game mechanics. I have worked in online gaming and advertising and am now looking at the broader world and its offerings!
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Hi. I left my job as a salesperson working for a Market Data company in the City in early 2012 and re-qualified as a Personal Trainer. My ambition now is to maintain my self-employed status, keep e...
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Hello, In this year I graduated from university. I am in the beginning of my life, and I want to discover new sphere. Now I don't have amazing ideas for my business, but I am going to get a new exp...
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I am currently a student at UC Berkeley, nearing graduation. I'm an inherently curious and adventurous person. I adapt well to new environments, and am in general a very flexible person. I love t...
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Hey Guys and Gals! I'm a Office Manager by day and create bath and body care products at night, which I currently sell on my Etsy site A Zenful Life, and at craft fairs. Suffering a grueling daily ...
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Hi everyone, I’m a Management Consultant with 5 years strategy experience. I’m looking for job opportunities in London, both in strategy or in the transportation sector. I speak portuguese, spanish...
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