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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a Engineer with 10 years Business Analyst experience. What inspires me is the potential to fundamentally change the way that individuals and organizations interact. I have a side-...
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New Member
Hi everyone I am a software engineer with 4 years of experience working in the financial service industry. I develop low latency trading systems by day and experiment with web/new technologies on ...
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New Member
I recently resigned from the position of Investment Analyst at Threshold Group. Life isn't about positions or titles. Introduce yourself as who you are and not what you do. I'm on a mission to live...
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New Member
Hey there everyone. In 2009 I left my job as a Product Manager at Citi Bank to start my own business in recruitment. I still run the business today but I am excited by any potential new businesses....
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New Member
at the moment - interested in the future of digital media and branded entertainment!
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New Member
Hi fellows. I "am" an Analyst in Risk Consulting with a year experience. Currently I'm developing a internet start-up with a friend of mine. I've got plenty of other ideas for web-platforms (I reck...
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New Member
I am web designer currently working for Pearson UK. I work mostly in Flash for them and I work mostly in Javascript, HTML5, PHP and Ajax for myself. I am looking for an exciting project to commit t...
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New Member
Hi all, I am a rounded professional with 10+yrs experience including Pricing, Commercial Management, Consulting and Business Development. I am very interested in getting involved now in the was...
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New Member
Hi!!! My name is Magdalena. I live and work (full time job: as a patients consultant in a Dental Center in Warsaw & part time job: as a dietician in a private medical clinic) in Warsaw but I want t...
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New Member
I am a product manager with previous experience as a management consultant (mainly, for tech companies) and a venture capital analyst. I'm interested in connecting with people running/working at a ...
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New Member
I am Jamie, a young entrepreneur excited by anything new! I love working with people and am currently working on a new job providing website Jobr. I can help people with advice, if they're looking ...
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New Member
Hi! I am a telecommunications professional with more than three years experience. I have worked in the past as technical project manager and OSS tools specialist.
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