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New Member
Hi - I'm a Communications Manager in a bespoke adventure travel company. I'm passionate about delivering the highest standard of service to clients, sending them to weird and wonderful parts of the...
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New Member
CEO and Founder of @yearhere, advisor on @kitchenetteLDN and @cloresocial fellow
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New Member
Hi fellow-escapers! I'm an HR pro with 15+ yrs international, x-industry, fast-paced work experience. And I've been off-the-job with a sabbatical in Kenya. Today, as a self-employed consultant, I c...
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New Member
I have founded capucina.com, and we are changing the way businesses and consumers interact. I live and work in Cambridge, MA, USA. I have a MS in electrical engineering, and beside designing RF, A...
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New Member
A Senior Digital Art Director with passion for Art & Technology.
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New Member
Concluding the EcoDesign Master Degree course, Politecnico di Torino - Turin, Italy - In a double-degree agreement between the PoliTo and the University of Minas Gerais, Brazil.In Brazil, took...
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New Member
HELLO ALL! I have been a producing event planner for the past 6 years. I have worked on automotive events ranging from race series to large Media/PR parties. I have work all over the US and ab...
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New Member
Hi, I am currently looking for some opportunity to create social enterprises. I have experience in private equity and social entrepreneurship (Ashoka). I want to be in the "fuzzy front end" of inno...
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New Member
A one-man flashmob, I am both organised and spontaneous - energetic, enthusiastic, and I can see the big picture while perfecting the details. When I really believe in something I will do...
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New Member
Proven manager with 15 years experience leading engineering and operations functions, delivering large service projects, and identifying and implementing strategic business improvements initiatives...
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New Member
I'm a Chartered Psychologist specialising in workplace health & performance, assessment, coaching, career change, mindfulness, CBT and the psychology of career paralysis and being 'headstuck'. I m...
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New Member
Hi, I've combined working in the NGO world with sustainability/corporate responsibility advisory work - strategy development, impact measurement, supply chain management and corporate reporting. I'...
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