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Food Marketeer turned Nutritionist, looking for small/start food businesses that would like support with their nutrition and marketing strategy. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what...
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interests: event management, wedding planning, tour management, travel management, marketing, other cultures, ...
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I'm an author, editor, artist, songwriter, and long-time publisher. I (literally) escaped from the city 8 years ago, to the remote alpine village of Kaslo, tucked into the mountains of British Colu...
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Hi, I'm a girl with big dreams trying to build a balanced, fulfilling life outside of the city, starting with setting up my own online business and blog. I have a head for finance and numbers so h...
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I want to be at the forefront of the anti-trafficking movement using civil remedies to close fronts for trafficking. either through legal work or public speaking with an anti-trafficking and/or fa...
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I'm a company director, start up specialist, author, blogger and consultant within the health and fitness sectors. I'm always interested in discussing potential new projects and look forward to sha...
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Who could Inspiring Adventures partner with, & can you connect me?
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Girl with a passion for travelling, board games, cinema and business.
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I have escaped a few times. I am former sales manager, former risk and compliance consultant and now an office manager. I am looking for career coaching experience as this will be my final escape.
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I am: a manager, a consultant and tech enthusiast, working in London and previously in the Netherlands. I can help others with information about the job market in the Netherlands, questions with...
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Hi, I’m a Commercial Accounting Analyst at a top law firm in London with 4 years finance/accounting experience. I’m looking for job opportunities of various type. Social networking, sponsorship, ma...
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Hi everyone, I am Wouter, working as a digital account manager at one of the biggest radio stations in Holland. I am looking for a Nice opportunity abroad or in Holland at e.g. a Nice startup or so...
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