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New Member
Hi everyone, I am Wouter, working as a digital account manager at one of the biggest radio stations in Holland. I am looking for a Nice opportunity abroad or in Holland at e.g. a Nice startup or so...
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New Member
Analytical and business-minded professional with a strong financial background and proven ability to deliver high performance in various roles and environments. 7 years experience in responsibiliti...
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New Member
Hey guys, My name is Yonatan, 30 years old from israel. In the last 7 years i exploring the world. I would like to know people that like surfing, on line marketing and to meet the "people of th...
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New Member
Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. South African travelling Europe!! #noregrets
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New Member
I'v done it! I escaped from my job at Google last year and went traveling to Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia. Now I am working freelance doing PPC campaigns. I love my job and the freedom to do i...
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New Member
32 countries..in counting.. anxious for the next mission. I'd love to connect with professionals in the Travel & Tourism industry. Well Travelled. Smart. Organized. And Charismatic. Let's see wher...
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New Member
Hi Everyone I'm a Project Manager working in IT for a major manufacturing company in the Oil & Gas Sector. I'm looking for a job in London working in branding or something that engages with ...
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New Member
Hello, I have a masters in pubic health & health promotion and I have worked as a public health advisor for the NHS in the last three years. From evaluation, to the design of initiatives of stop sm...
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New Member
I'm a young 20-something professional in the publishing industry in Boston, but I'm currently looking to change fields and location. I'd love to get out there and really do something different outs...
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Dom Jackman
Escaping consulting to start Escape the City

Having worked the best part of 4.5 years in the slightly strange career that is Management Consultancy, I realised I wanted to ...

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Dom Jackman
New Member
Disillusioned newly qualified lawyer and current associate in the banking department at an elite international US law firm.I am looking to leave the law.  I'm fed up with the endless stress, p...
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