Startup & Career Change Programmes

Events, weekends and part-time programmes to take your career in a new direction.

Escape Into A New Direction

Get unstuck, find direction and kickstart your career change.

Escape Bootcamp

A 2 day intensive programme to build a career change toolkit and map your Escape route.

Kick-off: 11th March 2017

Escape Accelerator

Start testing new career paths with guided mentoring and community challenges to help you progress.

Early bird deadline: Tuesday 28th Feb.

Kick-off: 25th March 2017

Escape Deep Dive

Evening and weekend programme with one-to-one coaching, guidance and tools to take your career in an exciting new direction.

Kick-off: Spring 2017

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Escape Into Entrepreneurship

Stop thinking about your business idea and start building.

The Bootcamp

A weekend programme to begin your journey from idea to launch, including an overview of pitching, finance and marketing.

Kick-off: 11th March 2017

The Accelerator

An intensive accelerator pushing you to launch the first version of your idea. Set yourself free.

Early bird deadline: Tuesday 28th Feb.

Kick-off: 25th March 2017

The Deep Dive

Evening and weekend programme offering one-to-one mentoring and support to test and launch your startup.

Kick-off: Spring 2017

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