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Connect, gain insight, learn how to flourish in your work through our London events


Events at Escape aren’t just “inspiration-porn”.

They are designed to give you the actionable insights and momentum you need to make things happen for yourself.

You’ll leave not just full of ideas and possibilities – but more importantly: the fires of determination lit inside you, and a clear idea of the next steps to take.

From learning about the best social media platform for your startup, to exactly how to pay your taxes, we’ve got you covered.

You’ll also meet new allies, peers and connections – and be building a community around you to support your brave transition into more meaningful work.

What’s coming up for you:


Mon 27th, 12pm

Burning questions about SEO, PPC, Google Analytics, A/B testing? Let the Esc digital marketing team help you.

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Mon 27th, 7pm

Join world record breaking adventurer and travel entrepreneur George Bullard for a night of wonder – and find out how you can live an independent life.

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Thurs 30th, 7pm

Explore the role of women and families in the Escape – is it possible to ‘have it all’ – and what does that even mean? Presented by NOI Club.

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Mon 3rd, 12pm

How do you know where to look for a new career? What role is right for you – and how to find it?

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Mon 3rd, 7pm

Meet six people who were just like you. Learn how they’ve made profound career transitions – and how you can do it too!

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Thurs 6th, 7pm

Say goodbye to boring small talk. A night of deep, meaningful and exciting connection with your peers. Plus dinner!

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Mon 10th, 7pm

How do you take that idea you dream about on your commute, to an income generating business? What are the steps? Can you actually make it happen?

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Mon 10th, 12pm

How do you know where to look for a new career? What role is right for you – and how to find it? **Second session added due to demand!**

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Thurs 13th, 2017

Join us for a day of meaningful connections. Meet hiring businesses, explore career change and the future of work.

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Thurs 13th, 7pm

A two hour crash course for non-marketers. Learn how to advertise on facebook, get seen by 1.8billion users, and start your first ad campaign in the room.

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Thurs 20th, 7pm

Where & how to start, finding buyers and stockists, how to test, what regulations you need to follow, marketing, sales, investment/funding/loans, production and more!

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Mon 24th, 7pm

Be guided through the essential steps, tips and tricks you should use to get your idea out there and in front of the world’s 4 billion internet users

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Making a career change is hard, but it’s so much easier (and more fun) doing it with people who get it. People who are now living lives and doing work they never believed possible started their journey at an Escape the City event. Our relaxed venue has a bar area, bean bags and a hub dedicated to what the 21st century career looks like.

Events range from £5 to £15, and there’s something different and amazing on every week. Our Monday lunchtime dropins are free, and if you want to get to know us and learn a bit more about Escape just come along and say hello – drinks are on us.

If you’d like us to reach out to our community of 250,000+ members and 3,000+ employers to create an event that will help you, or you’d like to share your journey and insights through speaking, please do let us know!

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