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November 2014

This is a guest post from Charlie Leet-Cook.

Hi all, I’m Charlie and I’m the founder of Moju; a new drinks brand that produces a range of healthy cold pressed juices.  I am also the new tenant of ESC’s ‘shed’ and will be keeping you up to speed via this blog with all my progress, trials & tribulations as I go about launching my business.  While I have the opportunity I would also like to say a HUGE thank you to all those who voted for me in the competition and spread the word – massively appreciated.

First, I want to share with you a bit about my journey so far…

Hitting the eject button.

It’s been a while now since I officially ‘escaped’ the city job I worked so hard over all those years throughout school and university to get.  On paper it was great and was everything I had aimed for:big corporate company, graduate programme, business trips, fun and friendly team, perfectly liveable salary, good scope for climbing the ladder. In no way did I detest it, but as the years progressed it just didn’t exactly motivate or inspire me day-to-day and this lack of fulfilment soon started to manifest itself into something that I couldn’t ignore.  I also came to the realisation that if I didn’t act now I would most likely still be there in 10 years’ time, mortgaged up to the eyeballs and stuck for the rest of my life in a profession that didn’t excite me.  I had what is now commonly known as a quarter life crisis and was faced with the big question of ‘to stay or not to stay?’

After a lot of inner torment trying to figure out whether making the leap would be the best or worst decision of my life, I finally decided I wanted out. I set myself a savings target that I thought would be a comfortable safety blanket and once hit, I pushed the eject button.

Simple right? Well actually, no.  The reality is that even getting to that decision was months of mental anguish and handing my notice in that Monday morning all those months ago was without question one of the scariest and most nerve wracking things I have done.  So much so, that I actually bottled it on the first attempt and fled home that night to my parents having called an emergency family meeting to talk everything through. While I could definitely sense a certain level of apprehension from them both, which was as to be expected, their backing gave me the confidence I needed to come good on the agreement I had set myself:to get out and move on.

Move on is exactly what I have done and I am now 100% focused on setting up my new venture Moju. It has been a huge learning curve to date and one that seems only set to get stepper.  More on that though in my next post where I will fill you in the on the why, the how and the when.


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