Notes From Last Night: How to Overcome Your Quarter-Life Crisis and Find Meaningful Work

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November 2014

This is a guest post from Clare Hurst.

How many of you are having a quarter life breakdown?

Adam Smiley Poswolsky’s opening question seemed to strike a chord at the Escape School. This highly topical subject has become something of a specialism for Adam, who has written a book about it (The Quarter-Life Breakthrough). Having started off working for the US government, a job that sounded great on paper but wasn’t fulfilling in reality, Adam created what he describes as a “lily-pad career path” to cope with his very own quarter life breakdown. He generously spent his first evening ever in London with the Escape School telling us about some of the lessons he’s learnt jumping around the pond:

1. Find Believers.

This is really important. Surround yourself with a community of dreamers, of inspiring people who will not only believe in you but also hold you accountable. Don’t keep saying you’re going to quit your job and do x, y, z – go for it.

2. Pursue Meaning.

Stop comparing yourself with others. Their dream job or ultimate goal in life is not yours. Try to focus on the things that really matter to you. Adam suggests using a venn diagram to figure out the alignment of things that matter in your life using gifts, impact and quality of life as your starting blocks.

3. Hustle (With Intention).

Adam’s overall message is that hard work is required for a breakthrough. His suggestions of where to put your energy and begin hustling included:

  • Work whilst planning your next leap or adventure.
  • Seek side hustles, experiences and apprenticeships.
  • Enrol in a class or lesson and learn a new skill.
  • Crowdfund for a new venture or purpose project.
  • Work abroad and gain a global perspective.
  • Volunteer and gain a meaningful experience.
  • Go to grad school (with intention).
  • Join exponential communities.

Last but not least Adam encouraged The Escape School audience to pursue meaning: when you pursue meaning you inspire others to too.

Get free quarter-life resources and find out more about Adam and his book ‘The Quarter Life Breakthrough’, at

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