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1000 Mile Journeys

1000 Mile Journeys

1000 Mile Journeys

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1000 Mile Journeys

Perth, United Kingdom

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1000 Mile Journeys does what it says on the tin. Unique journeys for unique people who want to experience life to the full.

About us

A Small group of adventure businesses based in Scotland, Spain and Morocco and also running expeditions to some if the World's interesting and challenging environments.

A customer focused small team who know we only get to live the life we do because of our guests. Our job is to inspire and motivate them into adventure and then deliver a safe but challenging adventure experience that will reward them and challenge them to do more. 

We deliver adventure experiences from half a day to three months in length and everything in between
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Why are we exciting?

Why are we exciting? People spend around 45-50 years of their life working, often in jobs they do not like,  in order to get to something called "retirement" so that they can then do the thinks they always wanted to do like travel!

Our view is do what you want to do everyday in life and figure out how to make it pay and when that happens you never work another day in life.
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What can we offer Escapees?

Low pay, long hours and hard work! Sound appealing? Probably not but that is the reality in the adventure tourism travel trade. Obviously this is often offset by living a life many dream of but never do.

For those with a business focus, combined with ability the industry does offer lots of opportunities to grow and develop companies which increases the long hours and hard work but also dramatically increases financial rewards. We are always looking for and open to partnerships with the right people.
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What is our culture like?

Customer focused. There experience drives what we do. With regards the team it is a bit sink or swim. We are not youngsters and we only develop a small amount of youngsters. We look for people who can hit the ground running and have a can do attitude with excellent communication skills and who are also fun as we like to enjoy ourselves! 
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Our values

Customer Focused
Adventure Driven
Professional and safe 

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What we do and where Scotland based day and multi day operator what it says on the tin Spain multi day adventure holidays Morocco day and multi day operator expeditions Scotland, Spain, Morocco niche stag weekends in Scotland and Spain
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