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21 Trust

21 Trust

21 Trust

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21 Trust

London, United Kingdom

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Our children need a new journey through the education system. We are creating one.

About us

The 21 Trust is a force for innovation in education. We create education institutions and programmes to help children succeed in the 21st century.

School 21 in Stratford was our first project and is already considered one of the most innovative schools in the UK, with an outstanding Ofsted report.

We want to continue developing new innovative institutions and education programmes, which we incubate within the Trust and then roll out as stand-alone organisations.

We are a small team of individuals committed to change in education, with broad mix of experience including teaching, consulting, politics and theatre production! We care about what you can do more than what you have done.

What is our culture like?

There are so many reasons why 21 Trust is a great organisation to be a part of:

  • We are focused on our goals - every member of our team believes in the power that education has to transform lives. There are many systemic issues that need to be questioned and we want to be an integral part of providing the answers
  • We are an intentionally small team that works very closely together to tackle problems which means that you will become a valuable contributor from day one
  • We will provide you with the support, knowledge and networks that our team, advisors, trustees and friends bring to help you build things
  • We are an organisation built on strong cultural values that we embed into every part of how we operate
  • We are committed to providing continuous development opportunities for our team members with regular two-way feedback, training and mentoring. We do all we can to help each team member achieve their future goals
  • We are a fun team to be a part of! We eat homemade cakes on Wednesdays, we take turns in organising regular social events and have even been known to take to the stage to perform karaoke...
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What is our mission?

We believe that the current UK education system is preparing students for the 20th century, not the 21st.

We need to be radical because we face radical challenges in the world. 

The global workforce is increasingly mobile and children in school today will need to compete against people from all over the world to find work. 

Industries are converging and these same children will need to have a much wider range of skills than even is required today. 

Wilder forces – climate change approaching a ‘tipping point’, population growth and severe water shortages – may significantly alter a world which has already changed remarkably from even twenty years ago.

Unprecedented progress in communications and technology has made a decisive break with the last century. This has huge implications for teaching and learning.

Successful organisations are agile, flexible and resilient and will demand enterprise, innovation and risk-management to be wired into our young work force. 

A fundamental re-imagining of the system is required. A re-imagining of the curriculum, the teaching methods and the very institutions that exist to educate our children today. 

Having witnessed the transformational impact School 21 is having on its students, the trust aims to share this innovative approach to education with a wider audience in order to build momentum around the need to rethink the current education system. 

We need to respond today. Because today matters.

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