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8th Day Adventure

8th Day Adventure

8th Day Adventure

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8th Day Adventure

London, United Kingdom

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A sport, adventure and social club, we aim to help people make the most of their spare time. We're selling a lifestyle, and merging the boundaries between social media and actual real life events, supplying our members with hundreds of great events each year, all done with groups of like-minded members.

About us

8th Day Adventure is a membership-based sport, adventure and social club.

The two people behind the club are Ross and Tom, and we're into all manner of adventure sports (favourites being skiing, surfing, windsurfing, mountain biking, kiteboarding, random stuff we've not tried before, and stupidly long and absurd runs), but just like you we previously struggled to find the time to organise it, let alone then find and coordinate other friends to join us. Well, not anymore.

The club is all about making the most of your spare time and having a laugh. We don't take anything too seriously and you don't have to be fit to take part. That said when you've got a group of 20-60 people on a weekend away or holiday you're pretty sure to always find a few others who are of the same experience as you, whether a complete beginner or an experienced and certified adrenalin junkie!

Most importantly everyone wants to have a good time, so the atmosphere is always great, and as a group we're really welcoming to new people - on average I'd say most events are made up of about half 'regular' members and half 'newbies', so it's always a nice mix and easy to get to know people.
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