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Academic Minds

Academic Minds

Academic Minds

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Academic Minds

London, United Kingdom

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Academic Minds provides world-class academic mentorship to students through our network of freelance academics. Our mission is to facilitate and enhance learning though the development of state-of-the-art technological tools to allow better collaboration which crosses international boundaries. The majority of our clients are international students studying in the UK, for whom English is only a 'second language'. We help them to fill the gaps in their education by offering additional academic support through the supply of academic materials and tutoring, thus enabling them to realise their full potential. We are based by King's Cross, central London.

What is our culture like?

Forward Thinking & Hard Working

A high level of organisation - and of course, hard work - is a necessary part of making a success of this role.

Our company culture seeks to use the latest software technology and tools to streamline every process to make the office fast, friendly and efficient. Thus we seek the same attributes in our candidates.

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