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Accounting for International Development (A f I D)

Accounting for International Development (A f I D)

Accounting for International Development (A f I D)

Accounting for International Development (A f I D) offers accountants the opportunity to use their skills to make a genuine difference around the world whilst gaining hands-on experience in the Int...


kigutu, Burundi

10 Oct 2013

Opportunity has expired

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Social Enterprise
HR & Recruitment
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Social Impact
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Volunteer Finance Manager

Volunteer Finance Manager | Burundi

kigutu, Burundi

Applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits

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Contract / Short-term
Mid Level
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Social Impact
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Our partner is a community of people in Kigutu, Burundi who share the belief that all people, especially those most impoverished, deserve quality health care and opportunities for success in a dignified environment.
Ideally this role will start ASAP for 3-6 months (with a preference to six-months). Flights and accommodation are covered by the charity for the successful volunteer.  A volunteer Finance Manager is required to help with the following:  

Accounting review/assistance:

  • Review and provide feedback on current accounting system, Xero.
  • Ensure the expense categories in Xero match those used by program managers for budget tracking.
  • Train the accountant as needed to prepare reports according to budget expense categories defined by program heads. Redefine project and expenses codes as needed so that actual expenditures can be tracked by key budget categories.
  • As needed, evaluate options for working within Xero to automate financial reporting – for grants as well as internal budget reporting (per next two items).  We may have an issue with Xero in terms of fields and flexibility.  
  • Provide quarterly or monthly reports to country director and program directors on their budget projections versus actual expenses.  Will need to define the granularity of these reports.
  • Grant reporting – establish automated grant reporting within Xero to the extent possible.  First priority here would be establishing the codes for the UNICEF grant.  Can they be integrated within Xero?
  • As appropriate, identify training options for current finance staff.
  • As appropriate, identify other accounting software platforms that may better serve VHW needs.  

Budget preparation and review

  • Determine timeline for annual budget preparation, review and submission, including approval process in Burundi and NYC.
  • Work with program heads to establish an annual budget format, including defining appropriate and consistent fields (expense categories) and options such as priority and non-priority items.
  • Assist program heads, as needed, in building their annual budget based on monthly budget projections.
  • Create and distribute agreed-upon budget templates to program heads according to timeline agreed above.
  • Ensure all expenditure areas, e.g., including operations, personnel and capital projects, are part of the budget formulation, submission and review process.
  • Work with country and budget director to establish a consistent and productive annual budget review and submission process.
  • After budget is approved, assist in the establishment of a formal process for disseminating the final budget, including working with the accountant to set up reporting and tracking on the budget. 
  • Working with NYC and Burundi, establish a process to link the budget with monthly expense requests, such that these become a less time-intensive process and items within the budget are approved more quickly.  This includes establishing a threshold expense level that is broader than just one month’s budget projections, say 4-6 months, given the variability of when expenditures are needed.  

Financial reporting

  • In addition to the reporting described for grants and for budget tracking, we should be able to have regular financial reporting by program categories for program management and external reporting.
  • Work with country director and program staff to determine additional reporting desired in addition to the budget expense categories defined above.  Perhaps this is just a streamlined version of what is provided to program heads, on say a quarterly basis, in the key expenditure categories.
  • Work with US-based staff to determine what financial data can be gathered for donors, including for presentations and more detailed submissions to potential donors and for pursuing future grant applications.    
This opportunity has expired
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