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Affiliate Media Solutions Limited

Affiliate Media Solutions Limited

Affiliate Media Solutions Limited

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Affiliate Media Solutions Limited

London, United Kingdom

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Box Smart is a fun and exciting brand that rewards all those that want to escape the city! We have a great belief that the Rat-Race is a mentally restrictive model and firmly believe sales people can extend their knowledge beyond sales, along with it, to run their own brand! Box Smart is a brand that offers startups and smaller brands a fighting chance to buy luxury boxes for a fraction of the cost that most printers want! We believe in helping all budding entrepreneurs to live their dream of launching ther own products - Box Smart delivers that with a syndicate of 25 of the best printers in the World that print for brands such as: Nike Adidas Dr Dre Beats Mont Blanc Estee Lauder Box Smart simply offer the same service at a lower price and lower quantity to the smaller brands!

What can we offer Escapees?

Box Smart is one of the best brands in the UK!


[ Freedom in Mind and Person]
Well firstly it's a role that TRUSTS all Escapees! We TRUST all our people to work from their own personal office, or even from home!

We also allow all of you to become any part of the business. All interns will be able to have their fingers in at LEAST two pies - we see it CRUCIAL that Box-Smart allows people to explore parts of their brains that the Rat Race closed off!

For example, we have a fashion designer that is now our website designer AND social media expert. We like to share the areas and we LOVE to grow that grey matter!

All our 'Box-Smarters' meet up, fortnighly at our Waterloo and Putney locations to have meetings and a general catchup! Every day we all Skype too and work perfectly as a team - WIFI!

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