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London, United Kingdom

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A fresh approach at credit scoring for consumers. We are re-inventing the entire stack of consumer credit. Ping us to get involved. Yes, we are hiring.

What can we offer Escapees?

Aire is a startup that is actually working on real-world problems that affect everyone. And we believe in being a full-stack startup that doesnt just try to solve a bit of the problem, but overhaul the entire ecosystem that we want to change. 

Our end goal is to serve a wide population including the billions of unbanked people around the world. The team understands and respects this responsibility very seriously. 

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What is our culture like?

Imagine you have the opportunity to change the world for the better. Imagine things you’re working on have a real impact on how quickly people are able to improve their lives and reach their potential. That’s the vision of Aire.

  • Our team has serial entrepreneurs who understand the importance of people & team. It is always our top priority.
  • Much like in our prior startups, we take care of our people really well. We know it is hard work, but make sure it is rewarding for you too.
  • We are open about people wanting to get involved in other parts of the company – if you can contribute meaningfully, get involved.
  • The company is built with a positive view to helping people we serve (i.e.: our consumers) – and we bring this same positive mentality to our team as well, ensuring we help them grow and mature
  • And obviously we all love Friday Beer O’clocks, team events and the bake-offs. Creative ideas are welcomed. 
  • Friends for life

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