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FundLife - Sama-Sama Games

FundLife - Sama-Sama Games

FundLife - Sama-Sama Games

Fostering postive change-makers through Education, Friendship and Sports;


London, United Kingdom

27 Apr 2013

Opportunity has expired

Employer tags:
Social Enterprise
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Exciting Brand
Social Impact

Mentor/Advisor to Social Entrepreneur

Enlightened thinker/connector/leader needed to share in creation of world's biggest socially inclusive sporting event to protect the dreams of the world's most gifted and vulnerable people

London, United Kingdom

Applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits

Job Type:
Contract / Short-term
Remote Working
Escape Factors:
Exciting Brand
Social Impact
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Assist with the following;

THE MISSION - Create a platform for global change-makers to solve the world's mega problems and endorse Global Equal Opportunity


The way we (government, charities and CSR programmes) reach those at the base of the pyramid is patronising and breeds laziness and inherent dependence. More critically, it fosters civil insubordination, a dwindling middle-class and weaker global governance. By eradicating dependency and existentialism, we've made children believe that they matter and created passion for their own personal development. We've inculcated a willingness to want help, which according to Schumacher, should be the first step to economic development.

We believe opportunity, not charity is the answer to a better society. We believe human relationships, not concrete buildings are how to break the mental inertia of the bottom billion. We believe social capital is the key to cease the ever increasing concentration of wealth. 

I've come to realise one my weaknesses is the ability to articulate my thoughts on paper. I've attached videos to aid with that.

For more information about the project you will be helping with, please click here

so, it's just a football event?
No - Football is ONLY the connector (Bottom to Top). The purpose is for people like this and people like this to solve problems like these.

Don't think Football can connect?
click here
Don't think corporates would care?
Better to build a school than kick a ball?
click here

Our success to Date; 

Financial backing from the world's first Organic Waste to Bio-Fuel company. To find out more, click here - You can also like their facebook page here They believed in this last year, when no one else did.

Support to Date-

The Shard

THE PERSON - This isn't business, it's personal

We don't believe those born with less are capable of doing less. We believe they can do amazing things when given an opportunity to be amazing. We want to connect them with amazing people who can provide these opportunities. 

“If all of us in this room were to help only 10 people in our lifetime, and ask those 10 people to help another 10 people, we could change the world in a matter of years”    - Dave Levin - Founder, KIPP

Never heard of KIPP? Click here

 I'm writing this today to ask for the help of one person to help me. Not sure why you should? Here is a good reason why.

We're not looking for someone to tell me why this won't work, met and know a lot of these people already. I am looking for a mentor to concentrate his/her time in helping me find those who believe it can work/adapt it so it does work.

There is no prereq about your credentials, title or age, though ideally you would would have the some of following traits;

  • Entrepreneurial/intrapreneneurial
  • Disruptive (of industries, authority and current models for reaching BoP)
  • C-Level professional/personal Network
  • Corruption, Global Governance, Government Aid, Transparency 
  • Conscientious of global socio-economics problems (Wealth Disparity, BoP exclusion, civil insubordination etc) and ideally the effect they have on businesses and growth
  • Open-mindedness - Ignorance is not bliss here
  • Understand CSI as new CSR

Above all else, you need to care (really care) about making this work and you need to have unyielding faith in it working. Do it, or don't it - there is no 'try'

Finally, you need to be ready for success! when it comes, it will not be my success, but rather our success! This is important to know!

This opportunity has expired
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