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American-Georgian Education Center

American-Georgian Education Center

American-Georgian Education Center

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American-Georgian Education Center

Tbilisi, Georgia

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We are dedicated to providing high class education to the Georgian youth.

About LEAF

The American-Georgian Educational Center LEAF seeks to improve instructive schooling by nurturing a well-rounded, contemplative approach to teaching and learning throughout the education process.  While reforms in education have already begun in Georgia, many institutions are still lagging behind in reform implementation due to residual structural rigidities and conventional wisdom from years of a command economy and autocratic rule.  The arrival of democracy in Georgia heralds a new beginning, with promise of increased integration in western society and the benefits of greater participation by the Georgian populace in areas of government and policy reform.  LEAF’s goal is to augment Georgia’s development and international integration by fostering intellectual curiosity among the nation’s new generations.

In order to meet demand and improve the Georgian education system, LEAF offers a wide range of products.  These products will be constantly revisited and evaluated with careful attention paid to feedback from the student body and teaching staff, including new ideas and modifications of existing products and services.  LEAF administration understands the need to provide innovative solutions to modern education issues, and thus places special emphasis on its own responsiveness and ability to adapt.  Some of the products and services to be offered by LEAF include: University Preparatory Tutoring, Education Technology Seminars, Guest Lectures, English Tutoring, SAT Preparatory Tutoring, Education Counseling, TOEFL, IELTS Preparatory Tutoring, American and European Exchange Programs. 

Three years ago, founders have decided to open a high school, which would offer LEAF's advantages and experience to its students. Logos (Name of high school) was founded as a branch of and in conjunction with LEAF, which preceded the full high school curriculum with classes in areas of specialized study and one on one college counseling services.

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About Logos

Logos ( is a small independent, coeducational high school, located in Tbilisi, Georgia in Eastern Europe (Caucasus). It serves the official Georgian high school level grades: 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th. It was founded in 2010 and graduated its first class in 2011. Logos’ distinguishing feature is its educational approach: small class size, talented faculty and an academically rigorous Georgian curriculum. Logos is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. All classes are taught according to the official Georgian curriculum. The school successfully prepares students for Georgian universities and utilizes elective classes and additional intensive English based college preparatory classes for students interested in studying at American Universities abroad; this makes Logos a preparatory high school for Georgian universities and college abroad.

Logos is a relatively young school. The school’s first graduating class included nine seniors, eight of whom were admitted into top Georgian universities and one continued his undergraduate education in the UK. Out of the 28 seniors graduating from Logos in 2012, 12 were admitted to top private universities in Georgia, while six made it into some of the leading English speaking universities abroad (US, Spain, Germany, UK). Out of those ten students who were admitted to the Georgian State University, four received partial scholarships (50-70%). One student entered the Arts Academy, and another one the Theater and Film University. The 2012-2013 school year will produce the third graduating class that will matriculate on to other higher education institutions, many of whom hope to study at top tier American Universities abroad. 

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Why are we exciting?

Both Logos and LEAF serve bilingual students that have mastered or are currently mastering fluency in Georgian and English; many of whom speak other languages as well. Primary instruction is in Georgian; secondary instruction is in English. The teacher to student ratio is 1:3. Majority of the administration also doubles as educators in the classroom. LEAF and Logos are located in a residential neighborhoods in prestigious districts in Tbilisi. One of the newest endeavor of company is the integration of full-time American teachers into the family. This began with one American teacher in the 2011-2012 school year. In the 2012-2013 school year, this independent program has blossomed into three American teachers working full-time as a part of the faculty and family. It also encouraged the recruitment of several other international Native English Speakers. The Logos administration is planning to further recruit Americans and Native English Speakers to further explore educational opportunities at Logos and LEAF in the future.

Teaching at LEAF or Logos, in Tbilisi, Georgia is the chance of a lifetime. It is a unique experience to be living and working in a former Soviet Union country and developing Third World environment. While there are many familiar western ideals, Georgia holds on to a long and rich history of values and traditions. Teaching students in Tbilisi is not your average task. Tbilisi is fast and busy, but the people are laidback and friendly. The job itself has a myriad of opportunities for an ambitious and motivated teacher to take full responsibility for a classroom in ways that the rigid structure of the American or European education systems would not allow. Many situations are explored on a trial and error basis and the staff attempts to work together to identify weak points and looks to teachers to perform even under intense situations. The school is not just a place where students come and go every day, but this is a family environment looking for hardworking, relentless, go-getters willing to go the extra mile to see the difference it can make in a young person’s life. Life in Tbilisi may be a challenge for the green travelers or a cake-walk for the seasoned veterans of world travel, either way, Georgia has literal and figurative mountains to be climbed. This job is not meant to be easy, it is meant to change lives — the teachers and the students both.

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