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Asia Pacific Investment Partners

Asia Pacific Investment Partners

Asia Pacific Investment Partners

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Asia Pacific Investment Partners

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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Asia Pacific Investment Partners (APIP) is a leading real estate developer in Mongolia with several landmark luxury developments in Ulaanbaatar (“UB”) and an extensive land bank in and around UB in locations ideally positioned for further development. APIP also operates the country’s largest real estate agency and owns a portfolio of other businesses outside the real estate sector in Mongolia. The company is planning a near term aggressive expansion into other markets such as Myanmar, Cuba, Switzerland and Japan following their successful acquisition of Property Frontiers.

Why are we exciting?

Asia Pacific Investment Partners (“APIP”) is a Mongolia focused operating group that has a range of subsidiaries operating within the property, cement and financial services industries. APIP has a strong asset base, which includes one of the largest and most highly valued landbanks in the country and the only cement producing facility in the capital. APIP also holds a non-banking financial institution lending license and has a seat on the Mongolian Stock Exchange. This enables the Group to be exceptionally well positioned to take advantage of what many multilateral institutions expect will be the fastest growing economy in the world over the next five years.

The Company is in the process of expanding to additional international emerging markets including Myanmar, Cuba, Kazakhstan and others. As an international property advisor to Family Offices in North America, europe and Asia the firm is uniquely positioned to not only offer advice to family offices and high net worth individuals but to also invest along side of their clients and to engage in property development in some of the worlds most exiting new frontier and emerging markets.

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What is our culture like?

We started our company with USD30,000 and built the company through innovative sales and marketing techniques with digital marketing as the vanguard of marketing efforts. We have had a very young salesforce, design and operations team and have come to rely on the internship program during the summers to boost and enhance our productivity, bringing new apps, websites and marketing tools to keep us at the cutting edge of technology and design.  We pride ourselves on our architectural and interior design skills and are constantly looking for new bright designers to bring freash ideas to the team.

We love to travel and we love our clients.  With over 400 clients around the world we spend lots of time in Hong Kong, Singapore and London meeting with our clients and advising them on their property portfolio investment strategies.  We make money when our clients make money and we have been very successful in the past. We spend lots of time developing our CRM system and attending conferences, giving presentations and having conference calls with potential investors.  We hold an annual investors retreat in Mongolia every year and spend time at real estate and family office conferences throughout the year in places such as Cannes, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, and New York.

We have a decade long tradition of hiring interns and they bring a certain amount of excitement as well as productivity to our firm.  Interns have had excellent experiencs over the last ten years and have been extremely successful in obtaining top level positions post graduation at firms such as JP Morgan, Bain Consulting, KKR, Lazard, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs and ofcourse APIP. 

Summer Internships in Mongolia are reminiscent of Spring Breaks in the US, ie. they are lots of fun but with the work and the "play" load, by the end of the summer you can expect to be in need of a vacation.  Less vibrant and taxing locations to work would include our London and Singapore offices but rest assured we go out of our way to push the skils of our intern whilst they are with us during the summer.


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We have successfully grown into one of the largest companies in Mongolia and are now preparing to expand to other emerging markets.  Our clients are asking us and pushing us to assist them with investments in other emerging markets that can potentially provide returns that were seen over the last fifteen years in Mongolia.  Our mission is to become one of the leading advisors to family offices around with world specifically for their investments into property. We recognize that bank interest and bonds are providing lower yields than they ever have and the hunt for yield continues and can be found more readily in the buy to let markets that are also experiencing high capital growth. We seek to balance the property portfolios of our clients with a mix of capital growth, high yielding and safer lower yielding investments across a spectrum of geographies. 

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