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A business helping to solve one of the world's greatest challenges; electrifying the 1.6 billion people on this planet who don't have access to electricity.

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London, United Kingdom

About us

BBOXX is a multi-award winning business helping to solve one of the world's greatest challenges; electrifying the 1.6 billion people on this planet who don't have access to electricity.

We design, manufacture, distribute and sell a wide range of solar kits in 15 different Asian and African countries. Working with dedicated Master Distributors in each country that buy, import and sell our products to off-­grid consumers, our product range is considered to be one of the broadest in the sector. Our smallest system is capable of powering our unique range of low power LED lights and mobile phones, whilst our biggest system will run an off-grid office or household.

BBOXX is headquartered in London with subsidiaries across three continents.

Our Story

Christopher Baker-Brian, Mansoor Hamayun and Laurent Van Houcke met whilst studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Imperial College London. All three had travelled in the developing world and recognised the challenge posed to community and business development by unreliable electrical supply. They saw potential in the lack of existing infrastructure to create a sustainable, environmentally responsible solution to the problem .In response, the trio founded with some classmates a student-led charity, e.quinox, through which they began to develop and distribute solar-powered battery packs to off-grid locations. The enterprise was an unprecedented success, exposing the potential for off-grid solar solutions in the developing world.

Recognising their achievement, Mansoor, Chris and Laurent embarked on their second venture – a for-profit organisation with a similar concept to their charitable enterprise. Equipped with the financial and business resources needed to achieve wider, faster impact, BBOXX was born.

The Future

Since being founded BBOXX has grown to over 15 people working in the main business and many more employed by Franchisees across Africa, Asia and Latin America. BBOXX is growing fast and is always interested in people who would like to join in achieving the solar revolution. If you think you can help contact info@bboxx.co.uk.
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