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London, United Kingdom

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BecoThings design, manufacture and market eco friendly alternatives to everyday products concentrating on the pet and nursery markets. We launched in 2009 and since then we’ve been working hard to sell as many of our award winning eco friendly baby and pet products as possible. Please check out our products at www.becothings.com.


Working for a small business allows every employee the freedom to express their points of view on matters concerning the business with a healthy platform for debate.
Learning a range of new abilities day in day out whilst developing upon the skills that you are passionate about means that everyday is highly refreshing and always challenging! 
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Day to day life at BecoThings is never dull. Whilst we are looking for a Business Development and Account Manager in particular, the opportunities to partake in other activities are endless. Sharing the load offers the chance to get creative on our social media pages, be involved in the design of new products, have a voice in what comes into our warehouse and of course looking for new and interesting materials to develop products from. 
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All of our products are designed in house to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Through going out to China to monitor and develop products with our international warehouse managers, we can ensure the highest quality control of our product range and catch up with the other half of the team- the manufacturers!
Through our initial development of the rice husk and bamboo compound, our noted 'BecoBowls' took centre stage winning the GLEE awards in 2009 for best new product with further accolades that we also received by a member of our nursery range, the BecoPotty.
Since then, we have gone on to develop a range of dog toys from a new material consisting of rice husk and rubber. There are many exciting new products currently in development for launch this year and so plenty to learn about and have your say in.
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If we sound like the type of company that you would enjoy working for then get in touch! Be part of a team where you can become an asset to the sourcing, design, development and the sale of products to independent, multiple and international retailers! 

We are a mix of different personalities however we all share the same focus and goal - To bring ethical and sustainable alternatives into the lives of the everyday consumer.

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