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Bespoke Tuition

Bespoke Tuition

Bespoke Tuition

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Bespoke Tuition

London , United Kingdom

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Bespoke Tuition is a high end private tuition agency based in London which matches tutors up with families both in the UK and overseas.

About us

Bespoke Tuition was founded in London by Emma Storey, previously a full time private tutor herself, in 2009. Emma now acts as an agent for a sizeable network of top quality tutors and educators. Bespoke Tuition currently consists of approximately 150 select tutors and aims to provide the highest standard of private tutoring both in London and overseas. 

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What is our culture like?

It is the personal nature of a small, focused company that sets Bespoke Tuition apart. Tuition requests are often settled on the very same day of enquiry because we know our tutors well and can frequently provide a choice of tutors at short notice. A strong tutor-tutee relationship provides the foundation for successful private tuition so great care is taken on finding the right person for each student.

Our tutors are repeatedly requested to accompany families on their Easter and Summer holidays because they have fitted in so well to the family dynamic and add so much value to the children's broad education. In 2012, we sent our tutors on residential tuition assignments to India, The Hamptons, Canada, Hong Kong and The Cotswolds amongst other exotic destinations. 

We intend to remain deliberately small and bespoke to ensure we remain efficient and sustainable. Detailed attention is given to each enquiry to ensure expectations are met. This is not a faceless directory; parents, students and tutors are actively encouraged to contact Emma as often as needed throughout the process. The company strives to provide a first class, personal service and regular communication is seen as a key means to achieving that goal. 

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Who are we looking for?

What are the tutors like?
Our tutors are carefully selected for not only their experience and qualifications but their interpersonal skills and ability to transmit information in an engaging and inspiring way. All tutors are rigorously interviewed and assessed by Emma based on a set of high level criteria.

Our tutors are:
  • Highly educated, inspiring people
  • Specialists in their subject areas
  • Passionate about education
  • Professional and discreet
  • Able to foster curiosity and creativity in learning
  • Supportive, friendly and welcoming
  • Skilled at bringing out confidence in pupils
  • Focussed on raising achievement in each individual
  • Adaptable, dynamic and creative
  • Well balanced and down to earth mentors

All hold a minimum of a top level degree from a distinguished university. A large percentage graduated from Oxford, Cambridge and other Ivy League/highly regarded universities. Many hold postgraduate qualifications such as a Masters or PhD. Whilst a large proportion are full time teachers, we also have writers, lawyers, medics and actors on our books. Workshops are also offered by specialist tutors in areas as diverse as Shakespeare Workshops, Debating Skills, Creative Writing and Speech Therapy. 

Beyond their ability to teach their specialist topics, we look for tutors who can go the extra mile and empower pupils by employing a variety of learning strategies and multisensory teaching aids to get the best out of each individual. Many of our tutors offer courses in general Study Skills areas including Time Management, Essay Writing, Interview Technique and Revision Skills. We can also help with motivational, organisational or confidence issues to instil each student with the necessary tools to overcome their obstacles to learning and unlock their academic potential. Whilst we have access to Educational Psychologists as and when needed, the main objective of all our tutors is to help each tutee take responsibility for their own work and discover an independent style of learning. 

Challenging yet achievable targets are set by our tutors in line with personal goals and needs, with a view to equipping students with the skills required for a lifetime of learning. Far from creating an ongoing dependence on a tutor, we aim to leave our tutees prepared and ready to face new academic challenges moving forwards in their education with confidence in their ability and skillset.
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