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Bhubesi Pride

UK & Africa, United Kingdom

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Bhubesi Pride Foundation is a UK registered rugby-for-good charity operating in Africa.

About us

Bhubesi Pride Foundation is a UK registered rugby-for-good charity, operating in Africa

  • It delivers multi-faceted developmental projects every year
  • We have an experienced board of trustees, from a variety of industry sectors
  • To ensure impact, we’ve teamed up with relevant sponsors and corporate partners, such as G4S and DHL

“I’m really happy to see Bhubesi Pride continue doing what they do so well: Spreading the game at grassroots level, transporting kids to tournament days and delivering life skills talks.”

Oregan Hoskins, World Rugby Vice Chairman

We select committed volunteers from all over the world to develop rugby in Africa, and harness its social benefits, targeting three core objectives:

  • UNITE communities through rugby, promoting the sport’s values and life skills
  • EMPOWER and up-skill local staff, male and female, maximising sustainability
  • INSPIRE long-term developmental outcomes via tangible legacy projects, alongside in-country partners; we also nurture community leaders

Visit our website and watch our latest project videos

We've had over 45 volunteers join us from 20 nations around the world (including two through Escape The City), spending as many as 150 'man-months' on the ground in 17 rural & urban African locations, and travelling more than 80,000km.

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The Work We Do

We're currently embarking on a 3-year project through to 2017. With your help we can achieve sustanible goals in Africa.

Elements of our longer term plan incorporate the following:  

  • Establish multi-functional centres, clubs or academies in pre-determined locations, meeting the needs of the community (sport-for-change, leadership training and business skill-building)
  • Facilitate employment opportunities for suitable in-country staff; as sports leaders, development officers or project managers
  • Responsibly increase the number of participating schools, players, coaches and referees
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