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Big Beyond

Big Beyond

We connect professional people from around the world with remote communities living in rural Africa. You'll live with a small international team in a rural village and help build capacity for conservation and sustainable community development through a unique volunteer placement tailored around your background, skills and passions and the needs of grassroots projects.

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Big Beyond

Southern Bwindi, Uganda

What can we offer Escapees?

We offer adventurous and ambitious people the opportunity to escape the city to an entirely different world in rural Africa!

You’ll travel to remote communities living on the borders of protected national parks and share your skills, knowledge and energy through a bespoke volunteer placement that puts you right at the heart of development and conservation in East Africa.

We’re here for professional people looking to fully immerse in a challenging experience away from routine. Whether you have 2 weeks spare or would like to get involved as part of a longer career break (up to 12 months) - we tailor the placement around your personal requirements and the needs of the projects at your time of stay. 

You’ll live comfortably in a shared volunteer house with full-board and eco-friendly facilities meaning there’s even a hot shower harvested from rain water after a hard day’s work. 


About us

We’re a small but passionate international team working across key project areas to help integrate improved livelihoods of local people with the conservation of nature. 


What we believe

There’s no magic wand that can be waved to positively develop this part of world. It needs considerable global effort with practical and targeted aid to drive success that’s actually rooted in the motivations of its own people. What we believe, and where you come in, is that volunteers can help fuel grassroots development and help liberate Africa’s communities from a continuing cycle of dependency through building useful knowledge and skills.


Opportunities for you in Uganda

Right now, we’re recruiting volunteers for projects at our site in southwest Uganda. It’s a stunning corner of East Africa, and you’ll live and work right next to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. It’s home to around half the world’s population of Mountain Gorillas and the views of the forest from the back garden are something else!

The park has sadly become an island forest within a sea of struggling farmers and timber trade, and there’s no transition zone between the park and intense cultivation. Apart from the civil disruptions that occurred in Uganda in the 1970s and 1980s, the main pressures on Bwindi have come from the build up of human populations on its boundaries. The forest is particularly threatened by agricultural encroachment, small-scale logging and poaching.

The local community are trying to build pride in the protection of Bwindi by benefitting from its conservation and tourism through income generation, quality education, improved agricultural practices and in general, promoting healthier and more enjoyable ways of life. 


Why are we exciting?

You’ll be working hand-in-hand with local people, park management and other volunteers to give Bwindi and its communities a prosperous future.

Opportunities are seriously diverse! Volunteering in Africa does not just mean building schools or teaching English – it’s the chance to combine career skills with other passions and we love to get creative with getting to know you.

Our placements are unique to each individual but these are some of the key skill-sets we’re looking for…

- Business and finance

- Marketing

- Events Management

- Research

- Teaching and education

- Tourism and hospitality

- Environmental sciences

- Agriculture and horticulture

- Health and medical

- Anthropology

- The Arts

- Fitness and sports




How it works

You'll join a small team of international volunteers working towards long-term conservation and development goals.

There are five critical project areas - enterprise, education, health, culture and the environment. They're all highly interlinked.  

Your volunteer placement is completely unique, and will be thoughtfully designed according to your skills and interests and the needs of local projects at your chosen time of volunteering.  

There's a programme fee to join the team and it's fully inclusive of everything that makes your experience seamless and unforgettable  - you'll just need to organise flights plus a few other travel essentials.    

You'll need to have a chat with one of the team to kick-start your application process, and if you're invited to join us, a deposit of £350 will confirm your place with the remaining balance due 8 weeks before you start. Everything is outlined on our pricing page. 
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