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BLAZE Components


London, United Kingdom

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Blaze - New Brand for the Global Urban Cycling Market.

About us

Blaze's launch product is hailed a life-saver by international press.  The Laserlight is a front light equipped with a laser.  It projects the symbol of a bike down onto the road ahead, tackling the greatest cause of fatality – being caught in the blind spot.  It alerts drivers in front of the cyclist of its presence, preventing them turning across its path.


Blaze have been operating for 20 months and in that time:

*  Fulfilled one of the first successful Kickstarter projects in the UK,

*  Raised Seed Capital from Index Ventures and Branson Family,

*  Partnered with PCH International to help manage supply chain in China,

*  Shipping successfully around the world since February with incredible customer feedback,

*  Sold out of every batch of pre-orders,

*  Developing exciting and innovative future products.

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