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London, United Kingdom

12 Mar 2014

Opportunity has expired

Compensation details:
• Teach on a freelance basis in central London locations for maximum flexibility at very competitive rates

Employer tags:
Financial Services
Esc Factor:
Exciting Brand
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Freelance Teachers / Mentors

Superstar Ex-City Professionals Needed to Train & Mentor Next Generation of Business Minds. Outstanding finance professionals with a passion

London, United Kingdom

Applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits

Compensation details:
• Teach on a freelance basis in central London locations for maximum flexibility at very competitive rates

Job Type:
Mid Level
Escape Factors:
Exciting Brand
Social Impact
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BlueBook are creating a network of individuals empowered to pursue their professional careers through education in business and finance.

We offer applied courses delivered by experienced finance professionals to prepare individuals to tackle the challenges they are likely to face when preparing for the job market or starting in a role by offering practical, real-world, hands-on training.

Our students emerge from our courses better equipped and more marketable to current and potential employers – and with the confidence to advance their career goals.

We are looking for experienced and passionate finance professionals to teach our courses in which students learn the skills they need to achieve their career goals.

Why Teach at BlueBook?

  • Play a key role in helping students level up or get hired for high impact jobs in the field.
  • Get instructional resources to help you best meet your students’ needs. You don’t need to have taught before (but it’s great if you have!).
  • Deepen your own finance and teaching skills by guiding students through a rigorous journey where they begin as driven novices and leave as empowered professionals
  • Hone your own leadership skills by managing an instructional team and classroom community

Desired Skills
  • You are eager to shape the skills and trajectories of the next generation of business minds.
  • You have at least 3 years of financial services experience.
  • You may have previous financial services teaching experience, through a course, team training, etc.

The Role

  • Work closely with students with meaningful and prompt feedback on their progress.
  • Work alongside BlueBook staff and teaching team to best meet the needs and learning styles of your students.
  • For City Courses, guide students through the development of a final assignment that will showcase their abilities to hiring managers.
  • Facilitate a dynamic and collaborative classroom community.
  • Assist students outside of class as necessary.
This opportunity has expired
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