Book a Street Artist

Book a Street Artist

Book a Street Artist

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Book a Street Artist


Lisbon, Portugal

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Start-up repositioning and revaluing street art by promoting the artists' work and offering their services online.

Why are we exciting?

Book a Street Artist is the bridge between street artists and anyone that wants to experience their original and unique talent. We offer performances and services of talented street artists of all kind – whatever the occasion might be. Some of our clients are festivals (like Antaragni Festival, India), multinationals (like BP, Microsoft or L'Oreal), restaurants and bars (like Hard Rock Cafe Lisboa) or even weddings and private parties.

Book a Street Artist is a business with social impact. We want to revalue and reposition street artists in a new way. We bring their talent online and expose them to an international audience so that they can increase their reach and impact. We work closely together with cities to turn them more artist-friendly and happier with art.

We are currently based in Lisbon, yet our goal is to be in all major cities: NYC, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, etc.

Also check out our tri-annual magazine PANTA: www.pantamagazine.com! 

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