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BoP Connect

BoP Connect

BoP Connect

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BoP Connect

Delhi, India

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BoP Connect designs and develops ICT-enabled products for the rural poor. We use cutting edge technologies to provide the tools for people to disseminate information, exchange knowledge and gain access to free markets, we use data dynamics to construct a holistic portfolio of solutions which contributes to development and empowerment of individuals and communities.


Our mission is to create, manage, and deliver ICT-enabled products and services that empower socio-economically Bottom of Pyramid (BoP) households to lead dignified livelihoods.

Technology and Empowerment follow a cause and effect relationship. Technology, an enabler, provides "accessibility" and "reachability". A household that has access to or is reached at, is empowered. And an empowered household paves the way for a dignified livelihood.

BoP Connect narrows the existing information gap, or the ubiquitous digital divide, by creating solutions for empowerment of livelihoods, which in turn enables a self-sustaining eco-system for long term development and growth.

Our venture designs and develops BoP-centric applications, which fit basic needs. The core platform is named "WEALTH" as it covers the basic needs at the BoP. WEALTH is an acronym for - Water & Sanitation | Energy | Agriculture | Learning | Technology | Health.

The platform; WEALTH, is facilitated through the distribution channel of field organizations and a network of last-mile entrepreneurs, or local agents, who are the one-stop interface for the BoP household.

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