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Bramley Lakes

Bramley Lakes

Bramley Lakes

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Bramley Lakes

Norwich, United Kingdom

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Team Development, Leadership & Business Simulations

About us

We work with organisations, teams and individuals to inspire performance, focusing on three things; team development, leadership and business simulations. Over time we have developed an extensive and diverse client list across all sectors. Building long-term relationships with our clients, and as trusted partners we encourage, challenge and support teams and leaders to be the best they can be. It is the longevity and consistency of our relationships with our clients through the good and the tough times that underpin our on-going success.  

Working at Bramley Lakes is a unique experience that combines living our values and working with some great clients, all set in a stunning, purpose built 11 acre site in Norfolk, which is definitely not the office!

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What is our culture like?

The work culture in Bramley Lakes is based on our values of Naked & Restless.

"Naked" relates to the work we carry out with our clients in sharing our vulnerability, openness and willingness to admit that we don¹t have all the answers and that Organisational Health is a continous challenge and not a destination.  

We not only strive to understand and implement healthy behaviours to our clients but we also aspire to practice what we preach. We are constantly growing as individuals, receiving feedback from clients that helps us improve our services both internally and externally.

"Restless" describes our inability to rest on our past success, where we are constantly seeking to provide our clients with an experience that exceeds their expectations.

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