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Brown + Hudson

Brown + Hudson

Brown + Hudson

Brown + Hudson is a unique, award-winning and rapidly-growing experiential travel company. Using our truly bespoke approach to trip planning we create exquisitely crafted, richer travel stories for some of the world's most demanding clients. Brown + Hudson is unlike any travel company you will have encountered. Rather than selling something humdrum, our expertise lies in creating something exceptional - something unique and utterly personal. Our clients seek hugely original journeys, rich in texture, depth and that generate phenomenal cultural insights and this is what we deliver. We’re a cross between a therapist and an investigative journalist. We approach our clients rather like a therapist might. We’ll ask them a huge number of questions. Some of them odd but always revealing. We’ll dig deep to find out about their travel history, to find out about their quirks, likes, dislikes, wishes and to understand their deepest motivations and the goal of their travels too. Then, rather like an investigative journalist we’ll turn our attention to the place they wish to travel to and look at it with fresh, curious eyes. We’ll consider its essence, reassess it and think of original, unusual or different ways to bring it to life. We’ll often involve fascinating people who have nothing to do with tourism but who add huge insight. Our work is the polar opposite of today’s quick and easy, cut and paste approach to travel. We create richer travel stories. Lasting memories, family legacies. We create only a limited number of journeys each year, and invest conceptual thought, original research, creativity and a wealth of personal experience in each. To see examples of our work please take a look here:


London, United Kingdom

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24 Jan 2014

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Writer, Social Media & Marketing Assistant

Join an award-winning bespoke travel company and change the world.

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Location: London, United Kingdom

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