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Business Bridge

Business Bridge

Business Bridge

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Business Bridge

Cape Town, South Africa

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Delivering high quality, low cost biz courses to low income entrepreneurs. Could your business skills transform the aspiring community leaders of tomorrow?

About us

We are a global charitable initiative led by Professor Michael Hay of London Business School. We have a scalable model for delivering high quality, low cost business education to tens of thousands of people worldwide for whom access is otherwise denied by virtue of cost or lack of local provision. Our model is based on the following principles:

1.)  The best way of reducing poverty and maximising economic and social well-being in low-income communities is to increase opportunities and jobs. This cannot be achieved by the public sector or large corporations alone. Entrepreneurial businesses are major job creators.

2.)  Business education must be delivered in the right way, based on measurable impact, in order to achieve its desired effect. Giving entrepreneurs knowledge, skills and confidence is critical to success. 

3.) Promoting collaboration between the public and private sector as well as existing NGOs is key to bridging the socio-economic divide.

With your help we can reach more business men and women, train more tutors, and develop relationships with new national partners. Together, we can challenge poverty through a collaborative methodology for business growth and employment creation.

What is our culture like?

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
-Margaret Mead

Business Bridge is a place where Margaret Mead's concept thrives. We are a small team, we are committed, and our passion drives us to greatness. Lacking defined roles, we are able to maximise our skills by each encompassing a 'jack of all trades' mentality. Collaboration, excitement, and innovation are all fostered in our unique work environment, where our emphasis on learning from one another makes no question a stupid question. 

We are psyched to expand our network of superstars, and we invite you to enquire further! 
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