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Cambodia Cares

Cambodia Cares

Cambodia Cares

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Cambodia Cares

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Creating impactful volunteer opportunities for busy schedules!

Why are we exciting?

According to our survey, modern university students are anxious to get involved in society and develop their country but with the majority studying six days a week and many at two universities to broaden their job prospects, there is little time for long-term volunteer commitments to enhance their knowledge, skills and involvement in community.  Even still, Cambodia has approximately 3,000 local and international NGO’s, but very few available volunteer opportunities for Cambodians that, especially, take into consideration busy study and work schedules. An additional stumbling block is the lack of culture and encouragement for community service with the older generation due to the tragedies experienced during and after the civil war and the psychological damage left behind.

Cambodia Cares aims to bridge the gap between lack of time and encouragement to do volunteer work and the amount of quality projects available to a variety of schedules and interests. By providing capacity building for civil societies and organizations and managing the volunteer process, a strategic need will be filled to further assist Cambodians to take responsibility for developing their country, helping their fellow citizens and further developing themselves.

We are a locally registered NGO and a member of the world-wide network, HandsOn.

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