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Canvas Events

Canvas Events

Canvas is the specialist directory for showcasing the most inspiring event venues that London has to offer. From fully equipped Conference Venues to fresh and exciting new Blank Canvas spaces we have scoured the capital to make sure that whatever your event, you will find your perfect venue through us.

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Canvas Events

London, United Kingdom

About us

Developing within and growing out of London’s largest film, TV and photographic location library, Canvas began in 2011 as a free-to-list encyclopaedic collection of venues specially dedicated to the events industry. 

Thanks to our parent company, Location Collective, Canvas has access to an all-encompassing database of over 3,000 prestigious properties built up from a core membership of film location managers. 

Up until 2013, Canvas matched up event clients with a hand-picked selection of these properties and received a commission for our comprehensive service.                                           

Canvas made the decision to take a major pivot in its business model in late 2012. We are moving away from being a venue finding agency working on a commission basis and instead beginning to operate as a comprehensive pay-to-list event venue directory. Now owners pay Canvas a fee to advertise their venues within our online database.

Canvas is still very much a part of The Collective Group; a three-pronged, unrivalled and cross-industry organisation that also encompasses Location Collective and Focus Photographic Locations.

Why are we exciting?

The rebirth of Canvas as a directory has been founded on the mantra of listening to what our clients want and adapting accordingly. Then test, measure and accept that everything can be improved.

The success of Canvas is wrapped around the implementation of a tried-and-tested marketing strategy (inclusive of courage and calculated risks) utilising every relevant tool, platform and innovation made available to businesses in this age of continual digital innovation. If your experience, passion and personal vision fits with embracing such a business model then you could be the perfect Canvasite.

And ... we are also part of a wider group of organisations all under the same roof and constantly sharing new innovations and ideas.

What can we offer Escapees?

Escapees are usually seeking a new role or organisation to rejuvenate their career or breathe new life into what they do each day.

Canvas is part of The Collective Group.

Each organisation under this umbrella has regularly recruited using Escape the City as the service puts us in touch with talented individuals seeking to reset their career path towards an exciting and rapidly evolving organisation operating within a colourful and interesting industry.

The feedback we receive from almost all Escapees that apply for our roles is that The Collective Group have a unique and creative recruitment process which is reflective of the experience once the successful candidate starts working with us.

What is our culture like?

The Collective Culture is a manifesto that took a whole 12 months to define across all thee companies within The Collective Group.

The manifesto is 12 values long and is representative of the team of people working across all departments. We know this because it was create from the bottom up not top down. 

The values were created through an initial collective voice, then a couple of review sessions and then finally put to pencil. The values are renewed annually to ensure they are still relevant or need to be re-evaluated, removed or replaced.

The Collective Culture for 'Class of 2012-2013' are:

1.             Be passionate about what you do

2.             First and foremost, we are a team

3.             Maintain a positive attitude

4.              Improve, innovate and reinvent, it is part of our DNA

5.              Maintain a healthy, studious and inspiring environment

6.              Believe in the Collective vision and stick to the (90 day) plan

7.              Continually communicate, compliment, celebrate and support

8.              Always keep it simple

9.              Witness the fruits of our endeavour, we played our part

10.         Seek the positive out of every negative, it’s in there somewhere

11.         Before presenting a challenge, first think about how you might solve it

12.         Eat that Frog

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