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Carbon Tracker

Carbon Tracker

Carbon Tracker

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Carbon Tracker

London, United Kingdom

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Financial specialists making carbon investment risk visible in the capital markets today

About us

Carbon Tracker is a team of financial, energy and legal experts with a ground breaking approach to limiting future greenhouse gas emissions.

We have the technical knowledge, connections and reach to get inside the mind-set of the global financial community and effect change on a global scale. We are a non-profit, independent organisation, free from the commercial constraints of mainstream analysts and able to set our own research agenda.

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Why are we exciting?

Our aim is to raise awareness among key decision makers about the risks that fossil fuel investments pose to financial stability. In this way we are challenging the status quo allocation of capital and shifting the financial markets system towards supporting a low carbon future.

We are doing this using a new language and framework that approaches climate change not as something happening “out there” but something that will affect everyone financially.

“Carbon Tracker has triggered the Climate Swerve – a major historical change in consciousness that is neither predictable nor orderly.” (The Climate Swerve – Robert Jay Lifton, The New York Times, August 2014)

We provide information, research and events to educate and empower all the key decision makers and groups that can make this happen:

  • We work from within the financial sector to help investors accurately price fossil fuel risk. We provide them with the most recent and relevant information about climate change and the effect it will have on their investments.
  • We are helping policy makers to forge a deal that can serve as a basis for climatic and financial stability.
  • We engage with energy companies to help them better understand the risks that their assets face.
  • We are opening up a new approach and a new route for theclimate movement to achieve its emissions reduction goals.
  • We empower individuals by providing them with the knowledge they need to influence decision makers – the investors that manage their pension funds, the politicians that represent their country and the charities to which they donate.
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