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Central Working

Central Working

Central Working

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Central Working

London, United Kingdom

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Central Working is transforming the way people work

Why are we exciting?

Imagine you wanted to grow some tomatoes. If you tossed some seeds around and left them, its overwhelmingly likely that they wouldnt grow at all. But if you chose the ideal environment such as a greenhouse and supported them, loved them, and even talked to them, these seeds would quickly grow and ultimately thrive. For businesses, Central Working provides the greenhouse; we tend to our members, helping them to grow their businesses and succeed, because we know that today’s businesses require more than just office space.

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About us

Central Working is transforming the way people work. With a curated membership of SMEs in clubs across London and Manchester, we provide the support, infrastructure and tools needed to create the connections, momentum and recognition for growth.

Central Working is widely acknowledged as an innovative and rapidly growing business, cited as one of the UK’s Top 100 Start-ups in 2012. In 2013 Central Working was selected by Lord Young as one of the Accelerate 250, the 250 high growth, high potential businesses in the UK and won Service Business of the Year at the Startups Awards. This year, Central Working won the Excellence in Employee Engagement award at this year’s HR in Hospitality Awards.

Whether members are just dropping in to work for a few hours between meetings or they want a place to call home for their business, we offer the perfect environment for businesses to grow and network with like-minded members.

- As of June 2015 we have 5 locations, offering open and private spaces in Shoreditch, Bloomsbury, Whitechapel, City and Deansgate Manchester.

- Our membership options are split into three types and allow access to all Central Working clubs, including:
Explorer membership – A roaming membership which is perfect for those that work around the city on a regular basis

Local membership – Providing a permanent home for members and their team with their chosen desk space reserved 24/7
Native membership – Providing a permanent home for members and their team with their own office space reserved 24/7

Success stories

- Our members have seen incredible success working from our clubs, such as Rovio's Angry Birds UK launch, Hootsuite, Microsoft Venture's UK arm, and hundreds of other businesses from a huge variety of sectors.

- We helped Google to create Google Campus, working alongside them to help design and operate one of the first big successes of Tech City.

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What is our culture like?

At Central Working we help our members' businesses thrive. We achieve this by getting to know them on a personal level, supporting them with whatever challenges they are facing, and introducing them to the people that will make a difference to their business. 

We are proud of what we do and we always celebrate the invaluable relationships we build. We believe in human connection. We believe that no case is the same, and we hold great importance in working closely with our members to create that personal touch. We accept everyone as an individual, but we work as a team in order to achieve all that we set out to do.

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What can we offer Escapees?

Being a part of Central Working team means no two days are ever the same, challenges you face will differ from day-to-day. You’ll meet some extraordinary people, explore your own possibilities, get creative, utilise your initiative, have fun and, most importantly, help create a lasting change that may just be the start of something big for our members.

Central Working exists to grow our members’ businesses, and our staff are the fuel that keeps this nurturing environment thriving. We’re committed to investing in our people and providing them with the very best training and motivation to help them to become the next big success story.

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