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Challenges Worldwide

Challenges Worldwide

Challenges Worldwide

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Challenges Worldwide

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Challenges Worldwide is an international development charity. We work on behalf of our local partners to match skilled volunteers to assignments in developing countries where their skills are urgently required. For more details and a full listing of our assignments please visit the Challenges Worldwide website.

About us

We are a pioneering association of professional service providers that deliver Consulting, Mentoring, Capital, Research and Project Management services via commercial and social enterprise vehicles to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in low-income countries.

We invest professional time, energy and skills where others don’t and where the potential for impact is highest, strengthening small businesses and helping them to grow.

We provide an intelligent mix of services to SMEs working in agriculture, renewable energy access, health, education, affordable housing, IT, and financial services.

We identify business opportunities and help to develop and implement viable business plans.

Our global network of professionals makes a real and lasting impact across the world – we transfer professional skills to achieve results, strengthening local organisations and businesses to enable sustainable growth. To date, Challenges Worldwide has successfully placed hundreds of professionals in capacity building roles across 35 countries, helping to grow over a thousand organisations.
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Why are we exciting?

At Challenges, we’re in the business of getting people out of poverty, and we believe that business is a powerful way to do that. To paraphrase the old fish saying: give a man a plough, and one family can grow food; set up a plough supply chain, production facility, and sales force, and soon the market is delivering a lot more ploughs to a lot more people than you thought possible. Jobs are being created, and the economy is growing.

By engaging with Challenges, you can witness the benefits and progress that supporting the private sector in the developing world can bring.  You can use your skills and experience in a new and stimulating environment to have a positive and long-lasting impact.
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What can we offer Escapees?

By working with us, Escapees have the chance to share their skills with businesses, enterprises and health & educational institutions in low and middle income countries.

We've worked in over 35 different countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas, from Bangladesh and Belize to Tajikistan, Tanzania and Uganda.  We'd love for you to join us. 
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