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Charity Water

Charity Water

Charity Water

We're an NYC-based charity working in 20 developing countries around the world, bringing clean water to people in need.


New York, United States

14 May 2013

Opportunity has expired

Operations Growth Officer

Quit your day job. Come change the world with us.

New York, United States

Applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits

Job Type:
Mid Level
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Social Impact
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As Operations Growth Officer, you'll be responsible for an annual fundraising target achieved through various revenue streams, with a primary focus on The Well. The Well is a program designed to support our 100% model and provide the majority of the organization’s operational expenses.


  • You’ll manage and successfully raise an annual operations target of $14 million dollars through various revenue streams.
  • You’ll strategically architect a plan to grow The Well Program and work alongside the VP of Growth, Director of Key Relationships and the CEO to cultivate the optimal program.
  • You’ll administer The Well program, from making sure contracts are signed and organized to partnering with our Accounting Department to manage cash flow.
  • You’ll deliver an exceptional experience for all members of The Well and facilitate strong relationships between Well members and charity: water staff.
  • You’ll cultivate member relationships to encourage individuals to be involved with the organization. You’ll innovate ways to show members their return on investment.
  • You’ll structure and plan events to engage potential new members. 
  • You’ll facilitate opportunities for us to partner with brands that can contribute to the operations target.
  • You’ll develop a new portfolio of major gifts for operations supporters and engage people who have never been involved with us through relationship building.


  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • A minimum of 5 years of fundraising, sales, marketing, or brand leadership experience.
  • Outstanding communication skills, articulate and persuasive, with well-honed relationship building skills.
  • A results and solutions-driven, positive attitude.
  • A team-orientation and strong work ethic.
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills with the presence and personal style to represent the organization to multiple constituents.
  • Have helped secure gifts at the six and seven figure range and are completely comfortable doing so.
  • Proficient in all Microsoft and Apple applications.


You're remarkably people oriented
You have an innate social intelligence. You can relate to all types of people -- from bankers, fashionistas and techies, to janitorial staff and entertainment executives -- and you're a skilled conversationalist. You enjoy meeting new people; developing and maintaining relationships is a natural tendency. You are likable, engaging, interesting and interested. If you walk into a room of 50 people, each would be excited to invite you to dinner at their home. 

You have team ethos
You thrive in a creative, inventive, fast-paced start-up environment, with people who are passionate about their work and mission. You're excited to work cross-functionally with other departments. 

You're a deal maker
You're comfortable asking for money and are not afraid to say no. You possess a keen ability to sell ideas and close deals. 

You stay on top of it all
You operate with poise, dignity, and reliability in both your personal and professional worlds. 

You love public speaking
You have strong communications skills and can demand the attention of the room when you speak. You bring passion into what you talk about and are able to be bold yet professional, igniting others to get excited about our story.

You're organized and detail oriented
You’re known for color coordinating your clothes and alphabetizing your files in a cabinet. You’re able to manage calendars, payment schedules, and communications in an orderly fashion.

You believe in the future of charity: water
You take your responsibilities in curating one of our most important programs seriously; the success of this role is critical to charity: water's growth. 

You're a strategic thinker
You have the strategic prowess and social intelligence required to help build scalable models that leverage charity: water's brand, assets, relationships and opportunities to meet aggressive growth goals.


This opportunity is for those located in (or willing to re-locate to) the NYC area only.

This opportunity has expired
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