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ClearlySo provides corporate finance and financial advisory services to social businesses, social enterprises and impact investment funds to raise capital

About us

ClearlySo helps social entrepreneurs raise capital.  Our goal is to grow the social investment marketplace and help build a more social economy.

Working directly with the most promising social enterprises and businesses to structure their offering and translate the opportunity to investors, ClearlySo is unique in its ability to speak both ways – to bridge the language gap between social entrepreneur and investor. 



What is our culture like?

ClearlySo strives to become the most successful and valued financial advisory partner for social businesses and social investors internationally. By moving capital into businesses that generate positive social and environmental change, we aim to make the global economy more ‘social’.

Our vision is:

  1. To dramatically increase the size and success of social businesses and enterprises by helping them raise capital
  2. To inspire and facilitate the ambitions of entrepreneurs to achieve social change as a core business principle
  3. To change the game of investing in businesses so that social benefit is a fundamental consideration

What can we offer Escapees?

We are seeking to find individuals to support both the social entrepreneur and investor relations team. 

Escapees can also check out the ClearlySo blog! We update it regularly with contributions from external bloggers and members of the team  with all the latest developments in the world of social business and enterprise 

Increase your chance to escape, have a look at ClearlySo Jobs board where several companies in the sector advertise their vacancies.  

Our Story

ClearlySo was officially founded in 2008 but its social investment roots go back to 1999 when its affiliate, Catalyst Fund Management & Research, sought to launch an organic food fund.

Shortly after, the organisation began working on a consultancy basis for dozens of social businesses and enterprises (such as Belu, JustGiving,Riders for Health). This led to the first Social Business Conference being held in 2006. The event is now in its seventh year and has become a flagship conference for the sector.

In 2007 the company launched the website, which aimed to showcase social businesses and enterprises that were looking for capital, whilst still providing business consultancy on a membership basis.

On 15 September 2008, the day Lehmans Brothers collapsed, became ClearlySo. Since then, ClearlySo has focused on helping social entrepreneurs to find investment.

Our Services

ClearlySo provides corporate finance and financial advisory services to social businesses, enterprises and impact investment funds to develop, strengthen and articulate an investment case to raise capital. 

Clearly Social Angel Network

 ‘Clearly Social Angels’ (CSA) is the UK’s first impact angel group focused on social and environmental businesses. It was officially launched at the House of Commons in March 2012.  Investment opportunities are sourced from the ClearlySo entrepreneur network and a strategic group of deal flow partners.  The London chapter meets ten times a year; to be eligible for membership, you must be a sophisticated investor or high net worth individual, with a commitment to invest at least £15K into at least one enterprise per year. If you think that this is something you'd want to learn more about, please contact Suzanne Biegel, lead angel investor and Senior Adviser to ClearlySo, at
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