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ComeOn London Ltd.

ComeOn London Ltd.

ComeOn London Ltd.

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Gambling & Casinos
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ComeOn London Ltd.

London, UK, United Kingdom

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ComeOn! is a gaming site that is located, licensed and regulated by the European Union member state of Malta. We are a young, dynamic and innovative company working in the Gaming Industry. So, if you are tired of dealing with 'suits' who can't make decisions, and tiresome middle management politics, then contact us now at

Our Story!

When a couple of friends came together in Stockholm, with their years of experience in the gaming industry; they noticed that gaming companies were stuck with technical issues, bureaucratic processes and boring communication. They decided that this was limiting the customer experience, and felt the urge to improve and build a business for the future. This business would be a solid platform for online games, as well as a site - and work force - that focused on every little detail that could in turn improve the user experience.  It was time for a gaming site to be born that was like no other. It was time for
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About us

Today, ComeOn! has just under 100 employees worldwide, with offices in London, Stockholm, and Malta. We offer Sportsbook, Casino and Poker around the world; focusing on Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, Netherlands, Poland, and Australia.  We are a young, dynamic and innovative company and seek others who have the same entrepreneurial spirit to share ideas and make them happen. So, if you are tired of dealing with 'suits' who can't make decisions, and tiresome middle management politics, then ComeOn! is the place to be.

Why are we exciting?

Think of the seconds just before the roulette ball stops, the last 20 exciting minutes of the Champions League final or when the river card is slowly flipped at the poker table. Moments when time stands still and things seem to move in slooooooow motion. When you think, whisper or scream:
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at ComeOn! we keep reminding ourselves of the user experience, and commit to keep on improving by questioning the usual way of doing things and building something better for our users. Whether it’s a great support team, cool graphics, amazing products, awesome content and of course working together with a great team in a friendly and fun work environment – this allows us to focus on building and maintaining a great brand & user experience.
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Life at ComeOn!

In-between going to the gym, FIFA, waiting for the daily appearance of the Sandwich Man (legend), games of table tennis, and the odd Friday-after-5-pm-drink there’s a lot of work going on at ComeOn!

A light and airy office spotted with our beloved jungle plants, the hallowed beer fridge, music playing and great coffee on tap – in order to attract and retain the best people, we offer them the best working environment.

We want our staff to grow, evolve and progress; and so offer variety and the opportunity to learn. If there is one thing that the ComeOn! office culture does not promote – it’s being chained to a desk!
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