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Connect India

Connect India

Connect India

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Connect India

London, United Kingdom

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Often called a platform or a network or a collective! Our aim is to work with young British Indian diaspora to realise their potential and create positive social change in the world. Or to paraphrase the wise words of Nelson Mandela - our playing small does not serve the world! We facilitate a number of programmes and activities to think big and push boundaries.

About us

In order to create positive change, one must become aware of one’s self, one’s community, and the surrounding world. One of the most powerful ways to discover all three of these areas is through the service of others. For British Indians, this exploration can often involve a connection to India.

Connect India offers a wide range of Leadership & Learning programs both in the UK and India that are driven and led by young British Indians with the aim of empowerment and positive engagement with their local and global communities.

Through our programs and network, we provide a platform where members can explore the diversity and relationship of the UK and India ranging from the arts to sport to social enterprise – asking questions that drive discussion, reflection and action.

As a thought leader, Connect India are known for our innovative ideas and aim to promote or share those ideas as actionable distilled insights. In touch with the growing trends and interests of young British Indians, we are able to offer our expertise as a consultancy to interested organisations.

Connect India is a multi-religious, non-political, non-profit organisation.
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