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CORE Foods

CORE Foods

CORE Foods

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CORE Foods

Oakland, CA, United States

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We shape a bowl of #raw oatmeal into a #meal to-go to #fuel everyday #heroes like you. #Eat #Real. Be #Fueled. #corefoods

About us

We are a young, West Oakland-based, not-for-profit food company changing the food  industry and the way business works. CORE Food's flagship products, Warrior and  Defender Meals, were launched Earth Day 2010 and represent the company's belief in  bringing the food industry back to real food. As a not-for-profit company and B Corp,  CORE is committed to returning profits to customers through the highest quality  ingredients possible while making the strongest commitment to the environment and  human rights. 

Our key principles

Our key principles are:

1. We make only the healthiest, produce-based foods--no syrups, salts, flours, oils, or  additives. 

2. We've created an innovative new not-for-profit business model that both outcompetes traditional for-profit businesses and makes the world a better place. 

We do this by committing to 4 standards:

a. Not-for-profit: 100% of profit is reinvested in CORE and the community -- not  taken by shareholders.

b. All employees earn a living wage.

c. Executive salaries are capped at the industry average.

d. Environmental impact is calculated and held accountable.

All carbon is reduced or offset.
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