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Daredevil Project

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Daredevil Project


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The Movement for Good-Humoured Mischief and Mayhem. We run Daredevil Tournaments - competitions where teams compete by carrying out mischievous Tasks in the most entertaining way possible. Task pictures and videos are uploaded from smartphones and awarded points by judges and the team with the most points wins. They're silly and immature. You probably wouldn't like them...

About us

Daredevil Tournaments are chaotic and messy Task competitions that challenge teams of friends to carry out mischievous tasks. Teams use their phones to send pictures to online judges to get points, the team with the most points wins.

The Daredevil Project was started by Double World Record holding (mis)Adventurer (and ESC Hero https://www.escapethecity.org/users/42703), Paul Archer on returning from driving a London Black Cab around the World.  During and after the expedition, countless people commented on how they wished they could find the time to go on a similar trip and have mischievous scrapes and adventures along the way.  After many (many!) hours thinking about this on the road, the idea for a road trip to Moscow that could be done in people's own cars and within a 2 week holiday was formed.  But this wasn't enough - a catalyst for mischief was needed - so a dare and task competition element was added.  

However, it soon became clear that the dare competition element and the unique tasks were all that were needed for a bit of mischief. People could have these excellent adventures in their own towns on nights out with friends simply by competing - no need for cars, visas or holiday -
...and so the Daredevil Project was born. 

The mixture of booze, silliness, Tasks and adventures is something most people are familier with.  However, bar 'scavenger hunts' have never been commercialised without becoming either exceptionally lame or too anarchic to run as a business.  In the past two years smartphones have became a ubiquitous possession for most of the population, allowing sending pictures and videos to judges to become possible from anywhere.  This, combined with Social media and the unique Daredevil Vague Tasks that allow players to be creative and only do what they're comfortable with, was the birth of the Daredevil Tournament.

The concept of the Daredevil Tournament was initially prototyped with events in November 2012.  These were a great success and the company was formed soon after.  Since then, further events and prototype ideas around the concept were tested and the Daredevil Tournament in it's present form took form.
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Why are we exciting?

Daredevil is completely unique. There is nothing like it anywhere in the UK or - as far as we can see - the World.  The whole game model is built on viral potential and can easily be franchised or replicated on good-will anywhere.

In the Daredevil Project's sights are:
  • Nights out for friends in every town in the UK
  • Stag and Hen dos
  • Music Festivals
  • Corporate team building an intra-industry friendly competitions
  • Charity Fundraising
  • Replicating it in different countries

We also have a conscience.  We want to allow money to be raised for charity at every level and will be donating some of our profits away as well.  We also want to allow people to stat their own Daredevil Tournaments and start a movement for good-humour mischief and mayhem!

The opportunities for the game concept are endless.  We are building an app, branching into corporate events, running events for students, charities, club promoters and venue owners - not to mention trying to get our game packs sent out so people can give Daredevil a go - anywhere, anytime!

But we can't do this by ourselves.  Can you help? We need partners, investors, franchisees, event organisers and business developers to help us grow. Get in touch and let us know what you can offer!

What can we offer Escapees?

Money is super tight, as most of it has been spent getting the company to this point.  However, we can offer shares, some salary and a ton of commission if you think you can help bring good-humoured mischief and mayhem to the masses...

The business is operated from laptops wherever the hell we are (generally Bristol, but often London) with an 'us against the world' mentality.  If you want to live on baked beans and help run a business that doesn't give a shit whether the mass of piss-beer and Jagerbomb swilling, chain-pub frequenting boring-majority approves, come on board.  We're trying to start a movement for good-humoured mischief and mayhem (and maybe even raise some cash for charity on the side!)

We also have a 'one afternoon' pledge.  Everyone in Daredevil should spend some of their time being Daredevils - going on expeditions, doing extreme sports (maybe spend it surfing or kayaking?) or anything that's unusual and Daring... 

What is our culture like?

Travel | Adventure | Party | Extreme Sports | Charity | Good Beer | Laughing so hard a little bit of wee comes out as often as possible.

It's not for everyone, but we love it.
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