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e-finity Leads

e-finity Leads

e-finity Leads

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e-finity Leads

Bristol, United Kingdom

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E-finity Leads is a rapidly growing online advertising agency specialising in consumer acquisition for large financial services providers and intermediaries. Based in Clifton, Bristol, we’re a team of six people comprised of marketing, technical and financial expertise. Our current client book includes blue chip insurers, leading financial brands and independent financial advisers. Support, mentorship and management is provided by the two founders of the business, both with 10 years experience in UK lead generation and both experienced entrepreneurs in their own right.

About us

Based in Bristol, South West England, the e-finity Leads team has extensive experience in lead generation and digital acquisition marketing, drawn from all over the online marketing industry. From Laser eye to Life Insurance, our team are product experts.

The team deliver highly targeted leads to our customers by using in-house marketing campaigns, quality proprietary websites and media partners who pass our quality tests in contact rates, invalid percentage and sales conversion. 

We don’t over promise and we deliberately work with a handful of buyers per product so that we can focus on the delivery of quality leads. We work closely with our affiliate and advertiser partners to track leads all the way from click to sale so that we can optimise delivery of leads and increase lead gen return on investment.

Lead generation is a precise, analytical form of marketing that relies on accountability. With our clients, we set ourselves performance targets based on the specific metrics involved with a certain product.

There is no grey area in lead generation success and failure, which is the way we like it!

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