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Educate for Life

Educate for Life

Educate for Life

NGO finding creative ways to blend education and development in neglected international communities

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Educate for Life

London, United Kingdom

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About us

Educate for Life are a small charity run by a couple of friends. We co-founded Educate for Life back in 2005, and since 2007 have been running a school in rural India. 

Tired with the tacit acceptance that charity and government run schools in rural areas of developing countries are low quality, we decided to set out to demonstrate how to run schools of the highest quality in the most challenging areas.

We run our school, Hunar Ghar, as a development hub. That means that rather than just being a place where children come to be educated the school is a resource for the entire community to come and work together to systematically identify their most pressing needs and develop and implement a well researched, considered and sustainable response.

In terms of education, that means a vision of democratic processes at school that empower our children to be considerate and independent decision takers working for group as well as individual benefit.

In health, we run twice a month health clinics in an area that previously had no access to quality medicine. We also support all women from the point of becoming pregnant until their child is two years old to ensure both mother and child get the full care they can expect in terms of immunisation, nutritional supplements and professional advice and support throughout this time.

We continually work with the community to identify and begin to address other issues as well.

We do all this in full support of the government. In most instances what the government has committed to on paper is excellent, but the fulfilment of that commitment is more challenging. We work to bridge the gap between the private individuals and the state support, building confidence of both in the other and working to systematically pin-point and then address possible reasons for the disparity between governmental stated and actual resources.

Why are we exciting?

We're exciting for a number of reasons. The charity was built from scratch by the current trustees. The concept of having and then actually achieving a substantial personal dream will be attractive to the right kind of person we want to work with.

We're fairly unique in that as an educational charity we don't want to make lots and lots of schools. Scale isn't what interests us as an achievement indicator, quality is. We're not interested in repeating the status quo, we want to discover and then define new and better ways of doing things. That means keeping it small and focussed - just a handful of schools, if that, will satisfy us.

We're also exciting in the slow and deliberate action research orientated approach we take to identifying the best course of action. At all times this means gaining the maximum involvement of the local community and school kids, right down to the kindergarten, to guide our decision taking processes as far as their expertise and experience qualify them to be able to do so.

Ed and Ash, the co-founders, lived in the village where our school is for a period of almost 4 years, learning the language and the culture. We saw it as vital to building a genuine relationship with the community, as only then could we truly work with them in real partnership.
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