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Educate for Life

Educate for Life

Educate for Life

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Educate for Life

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We consolidate education, healthcare & community work to support a marginalised rural community in India. @educateforlife1

Who we are

Educate for Life is a registered charity (number 1114271) supporting quality education, health and community development processes with one community in rural India on behalf of the people that live there.

We enable neglected communities to access better services by providing our own services, providing technical expertise and support to other NGOs, and advising the government.

A vision

We want a rural India where everyone is healthy, communities vibrant, and children guaranteed secure futures. We believe India can be a world leader in a kind of development that protects the culture and rights of its currently-marginalised communities.

To achieve this we’re engaged in focussed action research with one of India’s poorest communities. Hundreds of people are contributing to their transition to prosperity.

We're looking for inspired, caring, and entrepreneurial individuals to contribute to this movement.

What we do


We run a primary school and a secondary school guided by child-led processes that support the holistic development of confident and capable young people.




We run health interventions that make it easier for the community to stay healthy and access safe and reliable healthcare where needed.



We run women’s groups that increase women’s agency in the village, develop financial stability, and create opportunities for alternative incomes in the village.



In partnership with leading Indian and international universities we conduct and publish quality research that provides objective evidence for the need of greater action


Our annual education conferences bring together leaders and practitioners from across India in a network of cooperation focussed on learning and sharing to raise standards nationally.


How we do it


Lack of change stems from a lack of imagination. We’re helping people imagine better futures, sooner for rural India.



We run education, healthcare, and community programmes and that unequivocally show a better future is possible today.



We create guidelines and tools and provide exposure and training that provides clear guidance for other organisations to improve.



We work with the government to help them bring in systematic changes that enable teachers, doctors, and communities to provide and access better services.

How you can impact

By volunteering with Educate for Life you have the opportunity to directly impact on the lives of some of India's most maginalised people. 

Because you'll be assigned your own project to work on, you'll be your own boss while still contributing to our shared vision and values.

We also offer the chance to come out to India as part the of the research and development of your project - meet the team, children, and community and itteratively improve your project in the light of your experiences with them.

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