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El Otro Porteño

El Otro Porteño

El Otro Porteño

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El Otro Porteño

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Tours and trips for travelers who love to go beyond in each destination, to try different experiences and to bond with locals.

About us

El Otro Porteño (The Other Porteño) enables foreigners to discover what's beneath the tip of Argentinean's Cultural Iceberg. Travelling is not made of destinations but intense moments and new connections. 

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What is our culture like?

We are fierce believers that everybody should Follow their passions 24hs a day, not suffering from 9 to 5 jobs at an office only to be happy the next few hours of the day.


We encourage Travelling Responsibly, being sustainable with our consumption, choosing local providers and leave the smallest impact on the destinations we visit.

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What we do?

Free Walking Tours in Buenos Aires for foreign tourists who believes in experiencing new cultures through their people, their history and traditions, through their food and language, living the moment as another Porteño.

Group trips for travelers who love to go beyond in each destination, to try different experiences and to bond with locals. We organize itineraries throughout Argentina where engaging with local communities its at the core of the trip’s activities

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Who are we?

Ari Eiberman (

Since I was a kid many people has been asking me where I was from. I've never understand why they were really asking me that much. Possibly because I look like european, but who in Argentina don't have european grandparents, right?

I've always loved big adventures and I feel like travelling is the most intense way of experience them. Like the time I walked down 6km through the rain into darkness of Chirripó Mountain in Costa Rica, only with the Iphone's note app, as a flashlight. #bestappever

I was born and raised in Belgrano neighbourhood and because its a very dinamic barrio, I'm never tired of knowing new spots, trying out new restaurants and walking its streets. Join me every Sunday for an afternoon full of memories and short stories.

Andrea Alarcón Rivero (

If I have to define myself in a few words i would say I’m outgoing, joyful and openminded. I like meeting people a lot, learning about other cultures and languages too.
I’ve been in Brasil, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia and United States and in each place I’ve learned something different and met people really interesting, still I didn’t always get a personal experience.
The thing I like the most about El Otro porteño is that it gives you something special to your vacations, you don’t follow the common pathways. After the tour you realize that you met Belgrano/Villa Pueyrredon or Boedo in a different way, more personalized and with more passion I think.

Elisa Diodato (

I am a Buenos Aires native who loves interacting with people and sharing my deep knowledge and passion for this city.

I was a bilingual assistant for a medical tourism company, a history research assistant and an adviser to a travel magazine about Argentina. I have taken classes in Argentina’s literature and history, tourism, History of Art, Latin American Art, architecture and history of Buenos Aires.

I also worked as a volunteer in a community center in Buenos Aires that focuses on helping poor children. I worked with volunteers from all over the world who come to Argentina. I taught them Spanish and about argentine culture, traditions,history, literature, politics, etc.

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Local Travel Argentina

5 incredible days walking through the city and the Andes mountains, dancing at a Peña and partying the night away in Mendoza. We will pass the amazing Puente del Inca on the way to Aconcagua (highest mountain in the Americas).
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